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Fall Decorating Ideas – Innovative Decors that Reflect the Season

The chilly weather, cool breeze, and dried leaves on grounds call for warm colors and earthy décor in the fall season. Wooden or metal crafts, antiques, candles, and centerpieces made from colorful flowers, fruits, and vegetables are used as displays.


Fall Decorating Ideas - Made of Fruits, Flowers and Vegetables

Dark tints of green, brown, orange, and burgundy with nature inspired or rustic additions both indoors and outside the house are apt fall decorating ideas. One of the most popular fads in fall décor are pumpkins: mini sizes, assorted shapes, carved out art pieces, pumpkin flower vases make joyful and fun loving decorations. Fresh and spicy aromas are perfect to beat the frigid climate; so try fragrant candles with characteristic fall scents of apple, cinnamon, and pumpkin with aromas of spiced fruits being a very balmy choice. Other refreshing and aromatic fall decorating ideas are bowls of potpourri, dried or fresh flowers, wild flowers in vases, etc. Lay out tables with lamps; candlesticks; baskets of colored fruits and vegetables like orange pumpkin, dark berries, purple cabbage, multicolored gourds, green pears, red apples, etc.

Fall Home Decorating- Cozy Decor

Thaw out the icy freeze outside with snug tablecloths, rugs, pillows, cushions, bed sheets, blankets, and quilts. The living rooms and bedrooms can have fall home decorating like wreaths, vines, Pine cones, branches, twigs, etc and fill up large crystal bowls with fall leaves like aspen or maple. Fill up transparent glass bottles with citrus fruits, black licorice, corn, and beans in colorful layers. Heat up inside of the house with fireplaces placing cozy armchairs and braided rugs nearby to shield from the frosty temperature outside. Good rustic fall home decorating additions in the kitchen and dining area are clay pots, brass cookware, and bottles of dark wine with a grand focus on dining table centerpieces that usually comprise of flowers, vases, and woven baskets containing nuts, raisins, fruits, and big mum flowers.

Fall Outdoor Decorations

Soft lighting with rustic decorations in yards, gardens, porches and patios bring about warmth vis-à-vis the icy cool surroundings. Commercially manufactured chimneys and fireplaces as well as ornamental entryways to the house are common. Colorful flags, straw scarecrows in midst of yards, suspended jack-o-lanterns, figures of forest or stuffed animals are playful fall outdoor decorations. Enhance the natural fall scenery by using bales of hay, piles of fallen leaves, foliage like branches and twigs, cornstalks, ornamental grass, etc. Floating candles can be drifted in the pond or pool. Rustic kettles, metal or wooden buckets, metal basins are quite creative.

Written by Nelly Kendrick

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