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Nursery Art – Creating Cute and Interesting Designs for Your Baby’s Room

Nursery art is essential whether it is an amazing work of an important artist or a simply designed wallpaper. It adds life, color and mood to the baby’s nursery.


Nursery Art - Baby’s First Creative Feast

One of the great things about nursery art is the vastness of available choices in terms of inspiration, colors, characters, styles and objects. Parents should remember that their choices will be instruments in igniting the baby or the child’s creative instincts. Nursery art also provides the baby with something for their sense of sight to feast on. The more beautiful and radiant the art, the more it will draw the baby’s attention. As it provides eye-candy for the baby, it also provides beautiful inspiration to the baby’s care providers and perhaps to the baby’s visitors as well. The nursery may be filled with functional items for the baby but a stunning artwork or a little burst of color will go along way in providing the place with a wonderful mood.

Nursery Wall Art - Providing the Right Accents

Aside from the rudimentary requirements for their baby’s haven, it is important for parents to consider nursery wall art. This can accentuate a room filled with changing tables, cribs, diapers and other functional items for the baby. Nursery wall art may not be grand in terms of quantity. It is there as accent for the nursery’s interior design. At the same time it also provides a beautiful feast for the baby’s senses and a sense of safety and comfort. It is easy to hang art work on the nursery wall and parents can just as easily replace the wall art as the baby grows up.

Nursery Painting - Choosing the Right Color

Parents should keep in the mind the importance of nursery painting in providing a stimulating and exciting environment for the baby. Aside from being an adaptable way to decorate the nursery, painting is also less expensive and conveniently allows varied custom looks. Parents can go with the traditional blue, pink and yellow paint colors but they can also experiment with other colors. Latex paint is ideal for walls and a semi-gloss provides a cleaner look. Color the nursery wall at least eight weeks before the child’s birth using paint with low volatile organic compounds so that it will have time to air out.

Written by Troy Nelson

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