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Abraham Lincoln Biography – The President who Guided the Country During the Civil War

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of United States who not only foiled attempts by the secessionists during the civil war and kept America united, he also took effective measures to abolish slavery and took drastic steps to modernize the nation.


Abraham Lincoln Biography - An Inspirational Political Figure

Abraham Lincoln became president of America at a time when the crisis of secession was tormenting the nation. He was not afraid to use force to keep the nation unified and was able to keep the confederate secessionists at bay through sheer use of military might and perseverance through the perilous stages of civil war.Abraham Lincoln was born in February 12 1809 to Nancy Lincoln and Thomas Lincoln in a log cabin situated in Hardin county Kentucky. His father was influential and wealthy and was serving as estate appraiser and juror. When he was nine his mother tragically died and Lincoln’s father remarried. Lincoln shared good relationship with his step-mom. His family had very high moral value and despised social prejudices against colored people. Abraham Lincoln hardly had access to formal education but he self-educated himself and was an addicted reader.Abraham Lincoln Biography brings to light that he first tried his luck as a businessman opening a general store in Illinois which was a debacle of sorts and he was bankrupt. He then vied for a seat at the Illinois General Assembly wherein he was noted for this audacious attack on moral issues and also praised for his skills as an orator to muster an audience. However he failed to secure a seat and later in 1834 he joined Illinois militia for the Black hawk war.However Lincoln’s ‘never say die’ attitude paid off when he was admitted to bar council as a lawyer and in this profession he found success. In 1842 he married Mary Todd with whom he would have four children. He re-kindled his political ambition in 1854 after he joined the Republicans and voiced his staunch opposition to Kansas-Nebraska Act which was a pro-slavery measure.Even though he failed to secure a place in the senate in 1858, his speeches and his audacious attack on slavery and also against Douglas won him praises. This groundwork helped him win the presidency in 1860. He remained president from 1861 till his assassination 1865 and helped turn the tides of secession by foiling every bid of the confederates. Memoirs from Abraham Lincoln biography reveal that he was a fearless proponent of civil rights whose believes shaped the American society.

Abraham Lincoln Assassination - Untimely End of a Revered President

Abraham Lincoln assassination on fateful evening of April 14 1865 was a daring act by a man named John Wilkes Booth. Booth was earlier a confederate spy who hatched a plan of kidnapping Lincoln in 1864 and wanted to trade him for captured confederate soldiers. But he changed his plot after listening to Lincoln’s anti-slavery speech and he was now looking for an opportunity of killing him instead. Lincoln and the first lady departed to the Ford’s theatre completely unaware of the lurking danger and that too without their principal bodyguard. When Lincoln’s other bodyguard John Parker left him to join the chauffer at the adjoining chamber Booth sneaked up and shot Lincoln at point blank range fatally wounding him and Lincoln succumbed to his wounds on April 15th 1865. The news of Abraham Lincoln assassination shocked the entire world. Although Booth succeeded in escaping from the theatre he was later killed by Union soldiers in Garett’s Firm Virginia.

Facts About Abraham Lincoln - Interesting Political and Personal Facts

For the betterment of people Lincoln passed laws including the Homestead Act in 1862 which freed thousands of acres of Government land for the people. Under the Morrill Land-Grant Colleges Act he made provisions for grants to colleges for Agricultural studies and it was under his initiative that the Pacific Railway Acts made funding available for transcontinental railways. He also ratified Revenue Act of 1961, which made income tax mandatory.Personal facts about Abraham Lincoln are even more interesting. He courted several women before marriage before committing to Mary Todd. He suffered tremendous personal losses as two of his sons died at a young age. His wife suffered from melancholy after the devastating deaths in the family and spent her last days in an asylum.

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