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Air Hostesses – Get to Know the Roles and Responsibilities of the Flight Stewardesses

The responsibilities of air hostesses revolve around the safety, security, welfare and satisfaction of the airplane passengers. They are trained to safeguard the wellness of every passenger under any circumstances.


Air Hostesses - Security and Safety Workers

Air hostesses or flight attendant’s main job is to ensure the safety of the passengers. Once the flight takes off, attendants are put in-charge for all passengers on board. Their task is to make sure that everyone is safe, comfortable and are taken care of. They are trained to handle discomforting and terrifying events like turbulence, air pockets situations, emergency landings, engine break down and even plane hi-jacking. They monitor all situations, including unusual smell, suspicious activities and untoward attitude of passengers. After take-off, air hostesses are normally seen serving foods, checking on passengers and attending to their needs. They also make sure that all necessary equipment needed during emergencies are readily available. Prior to take off, they must ensure that all the safety and security features of the plane are functioning and are activated.

Air Hostess Training - Trained to Handle Distressful Situation

Air hostess training is rigid. Every flight attendant undergoes a series of training that normally lasts for six months. They are given ample knowledge regarding fundamentals of aviation, weather monitoring, air plane basics, flight safety and security and lessons on swimming, language, grooming and proper decorum. While all of these areas are deemed important to be able to handle their job well, safety training is being given the highest regard. The air hostess training with regard to safety involves passenger evacuation management during emergencies, first aid and CPR, handling of emergency landing situations, jungle survival, sea survival, desert survival and security measures.

Air Hostess Salary - Flight Time Basis

In most airlines, air hostess salary is computed based on her flight time. Flight time is the period between the aircrafts take-off time and the time it landed. While the hourly rate of flight attendants varies depending on the airline, the general practice is it is based on tenure and seniority of the attendant. All flight attendants start with year one and work their way up each year; as such, everyone is entitled to an annual salary increase. In addition to flight time, an air hostess is entitled for a claim time. A claim time is time rendered in excess of the flight time. They are also entitled to meal expenses and free lodging.

Written by Dennis Patterson

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