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Air Mattress Bed – Inflate for a Good Nights Sleep

The complications of buying an air mattress are much less compared to their vantages. From those seeking rest after a long day, to patients recovering from injuries, the satisfaction levels of air mattress users are high.


Air Mattress - portable, inflatable Beds

Air mattresses are usually made of vinyl plastic, urethane plastic and reinforced rubber. They can be inflated orally or using inflated pumps, and can be deflated into a small air bag when not in use, and stored conveniently. They range from a twin to king matress. Some air mattresses self inflate by opening the valve.If not the right one, air mattresses cause a horde of health problems like pressure ulcers, bedsores, back pain, and even lack of sleep and rest. These mattresses are water resistant, and can be used outdoors or at camps. If they are torn or punctured, use a patch kit to mend the patch. Infants cannot be laid on the air bed to sleep, as they tend to get trapped between the soft folds of these mattresses.

Air Mattress Bed - for firm Sleep

Air mattress beds constitute an insulation layer attached to the air chambers. They are made of vulcanized rubber, along with polyurethane and are fit into a cloth covering. Air beds with a good quality foam layer are designed for permanent use. These beds have hoses attached to them, which are connected to the inflators to fill air. The double chambered mattresses have a hose and an outlet in each chamber to add air pressure. Those needing different firmness at their sides can adjust the air pressure by using a remote control used to open and close the outlet. Some air mattress beds come with humps on the sides that can be used as head rests, instead of pillows.

Spring Air Mattresses

Spring air mattresses are not inflatable beds, but mattresses designed to give the feel of sleeping on air. They are perfect for patients, and soothe body pains and back aches. The back supporter spring air mattresses are designed with double springs and gauge coil system to give proper support and to comfort those with back aches. The comfort flex mattresses with dual coil system are meant for couples, as turning or tossing of one partner will not disturb the other. The comfort air posture mattress is quite cheaper than the other spring air mattresses, making it ideal for those who cannot afford expensive ones. Spring Air Nature\'s Rest mattress uses natural latex from plants, thus making it the perfect choice for those with allergies.Air mattresses come handy in the event of needing additional beds at homes.

Written by Jerry Fulton

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