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Alcohol Abuse – Psychological Aspect of Consuming Alcohol

Alcohol abuse is a great threat on human personality as it has negative effects both on physical and mental health of a person, and it creates only damage for the well being of a person.


Alcohol Abuse - A Deadly Habit

Consumption of alcohol is a deadly habit and regular consumption of alcohol may lead to create some physical and metal complexities. Alcohol abuse is one of the great crisis which initiates problems more than mere physical addiction to alcohol regardless the victim is a man or a woman. It is a pattern of drinking that impact negative on the general health of the alcoholics; it damages social and personal relationships, and spoils ability to work and power to concentrate. Alcohol abuse have both short term and long term risks; the short term risks include violence, injury, social harassment, unprotected sexual involvement etc, and the long term crisis are mental blockages to deliver quality performance and resulting in some sort of negative approaches where social relations are concerned.

Alcohol Abuse Symptoms - Killing Traits of Behavior

Alcohol abuse symptoms are divided into two traits, one is physical symptoms and the second one is mental symptoms. Some of the physical symptoms areWeight lossDizziness and slurred speechRedness of faceFrequent blackoutsRecurrent bout of stomach upsetTingling in handsSome specific psychological alcohol abuse symptoms of alcohol abuse are also often observes in the victim. These areInsomnia or oversleepingCannot control the intakeShort tempered and consistent irritationCompulsory addiction to alcoholReckless driving often in boozed conditionBreach of commitmentExcessive display of emotion and dramatic behavior

Dangers of Alcohol - Physically and Mentally Fatal

Alcohol consumption is not only dangerous to physical health; it has terrible effect on mental health of a person as well. While the physical problem can be recovered by long term medical intervention, the negative psychological impacts are tough to control; at least it takes long term treatment, support of cognitive therapies, and cooperation from the patient for all round success. Dangers of alcohol may affect physical health like it is one of the great triggers of cirrhosis of lever, hypertension, and problems like high cholesterol etc. Dangers of alcohol are not limited to physical damage of an individual; it creates certain disturbances in human brain and imposes negative personal traits like aggressiveness, recklessness, and violent approach to life, which may turn fatal in its ultimate effect as the side effect of alcohol consumption.

Written by Jerry Fulton

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