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Alternative Health Care – Natural and Organic Methods for Regaining Health

Alternative health practices are based on the unscientific principles and untested relief measures for the treatment of several ailments. These practices are alternatives to conventional medical practices and encompass therapies which have cultural or historic affiliations.

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Alternative Health Care - Holistic Approach to Treatments

Alternative health care is a kind of healing practice which does not fall within the realm of conventional medical care. Opposed to the scientific medicinal treatment, alternative health care focuses on those natural treatments which have basis on the centuries old cultural, folk, spiritual, traditional medicine beliefs. Owing to these beliefs, in the medical world, these practices have no scientific basis to prove their efficiency. Examples of this kind of treatment are naturopathy, herbalism, ayurveda, Chinese medications, yoga, homeopathy, aromatherapy, massage, reflexology, reiki, hypnosis, acupuncture, chiropractic medicine and meditation.This stream of health are is practiced only by well-qualified alternative doctors. These specialized doctors work towards elimination of the root cause of the illness by bringing alterations in the mental, physical, spiritual and environmental conditions of the suffering person.

Natural Health Care - Non-traditional Initiatives for Health

Natural health care is an unscientific approach towards the treatment of illnesses, especially, pain, disabilities, allergies, diabetes, bacterial infections and osteoporosis. Natural health care, in addition, offer effective solution to de-stress the over-worked body and thus helps a person overcome his injuries naturally. The therapy basically focuses on enhancing the body’s blood circulation and expelling all the toxins that aggravate an illness. One of the treatment measures, chiropractor, focuses on the proper alignment of the spine for maximum health of the nervous system and hence the entire body. Certain practices, especially, reiki, acupuncture and yoga work towards the strengthening of the person’s energy system for the better performance of his body.

Holistic therapist - Practitioners of Alternative Medicine

Holistic therapist is a professional who excels at the practice of the treatment of an individual as a whole, using unscientific or natural treatment measures. These professionals work towards the complete elimination of the cause of the illness by rectifying all the vital systems of the body with the aid of un-invasive and natural remedies. Encouragement of a healthy diet rich in vitamins is an indispensable part of the natural treatments. Massage therapist, chiropractor, personal trainer, reiki practitioner and yoga instructors are examples of therapists who follow holistic approach towards the enhancement of health. One may seek the assistance of a licensed holistic therapist at spa centers, clinics, hospitals and resorts.Photo Source :

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