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Andrew Jackson Biography – Old Hickory, Americas Toughest President

Andrew Jackson Biography provides you with a meaningful insight on the life of one of the most famous military and political personalities from the United States. He was known for his tough measures and acted as the mentor of the Democratic party.


Andrew Jackson Biography - Life and Career

The Andrew Jackson biography is a must read, if you want to know more about the very famous America’s toughest President. Andrew Jackson was at the helm of the American Presidentship as the seventh nominated President of the nation between the years of 1829 to 1837. Jackson’s parents arrived in the United States from the Irish nation and Andrew was born on 15th March, 1767. In spite of all the hardships of his early life Andrew Jackson never gave up on his education. He was a brilliant student of law and understood land and legal disputes well. He gradually prospered in his political career and was elected as a House of Representative and then a senator from Tennessee. He was also an extremely courageous person and a trained army personnel. As a legend of the American Revolution, he actively participated in the War of 1812 and also in the First Seminole War. He had comprehensive leadership abilities and could steer a regiment with discretion as he earned the name of Old Hickory in the Battle of New Orleans. The victory in this war made him a national icon, which also stands out as one of the most memorable parts of Andrew Jackson Biography.During Andrew Jackson's two term Presidency from 1829-1837, America saw one of the toughest Presidents in its history.

Andrew Jackson Timeline - a Long Journey

When you want to introspect about Andrew Jackson timeline as a military and political leader of the United States, you will find that the journey was long and hard. He could have become President in the 1824 elections as he was nominated from Tenessee as a senator but was a victim of bias and corruption.  He lost out to John Quincy Adams that year. But Jackson was a go getter and never gave up on his ambitions.  Year 1828 was a signifant year for Jackson as he formed the Democratic party and won the Presidential elections. It was a very tough time for him as his beloved wife Rachel  passed away  just before the Christmas that year. He reached the pinnacle of his political career in 1829 as he became the President of the United States which made it a landmark year for Andrew Jackson timeline

Andrew Jackson Quote - Words of a Great Orator

Being one of the most inspirational political leaders from the United States, Andrew Jackson was a quite favorite amongst many people. He always thought about the well being of the impoverished class and invited many of them in the White House during his inaugural ceremony. He also fought against slavery but one of the controversial aspects of Andrew Jackson Bio was the Indian removal act which was highly criticized from many quarters.His very famous quote is "All the rights secured to the citizens under the Constitution are worth nothing, and a mere bubble, except guaranteed to them by an independent and virtuous Judiciary"Andrew Jackson quotes are still remembered to this day as he was a great orator and motivator too.Andrew Jackson passed away on 8th June, 1845 at the age of 78 as he suffered from tuberculosis and cardiac arrest.Photo source:

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