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Antiques Shops – One Stop for Buying and Selling Antiques

Buying, owning, and collecting antiques can be an exciting hobby for an antique enthusiast. Buying antiques is an art, as all the antiques have their own intrinsic value and the shops help in exhibiting them.


Antiques Shops - Shopping Guide

Before getting in to an antiques shop, get a fair idea about antiques and know the difference between an authentic antique which is hundred years old, a near antique which is seventy five, to ninety nine years old and vintage items that belong to a certain time. Explore your home for antiques and try not to get the same sort again. Decide upon the antique you want to purchase. It can be a sculpture, work of an artist, or an art deco item. Also, decide upon the budget and deviation limit of your budget. Browsing at garage sales or auction houses can help you fetch a terrific deal. It is wise to look in your local antiques shop first before venturing to distant places. Internet has made the whole process easy by conducting online auctions and online sales.

Antique Paintings Techniques

To make your new, unfinished furniture an aged look, there are many antique paintings techniques. Crackling finish creates an old dye impression that is split and produces a paint crackled appearance. Patina antique paintings technique produces a shine that is unique to aging, painted woods or metal. While shabby chic finish creates, a soft, worn in look. Usually shades of pink, blue or yellow are used for this technique. A distressing effect creates the illusion of wear and tears over time. Antique rocking chair, hope chest, and other aging wood furniture have dings that give them a distinctive look. Faux gold leaf technique works well with graceful curves.

Antique Plates - Watch Out Details

Before buying any antique plates, examine the piece thoroughly for any fragments, crevices, blemishes or other spots. You can scan these defects with the help of a magnifying glass. Then you have to examine the time of its manufacture and the style used to create the plate, with the help of identification guide book. Finally, check for manufacturer’s mark like a brand mark, signature or even year of manufacture, which is printed at the base of the plate. Many of these rare antique plates are also available in online markets like eBay etc. where you can transform your dream passion in to reality.

Written by Lucy King

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