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Applique Quilt – Patterns and Methods of Making the Comforters

Nowadays, the use of appliqué quilts has become much common. In fact, a wide range of appliqué patterns are available today for those who are interested in this method of quilting.


Applique Quilt - Know More About it

An important step in making an applique quilt is choosing a suitable design. If you are a beginner, it is better to select a simple as well as large shape. In other words, during the first attempt, your applique quilt can have basic shapes such as heart, circle, etc., which are comparatively easier than small and intricate designs. A freezer paper can be used to create the appliqué design since it is quite stiff and at the same time not so thick. After the design is traced to the freezer paper, it can be cut and traced to the fabric. An important point to be noted while dealing with these types of designs is handling the uneven edges. In other words, these raw edges must be given that perfect finish using scissors. After this is over, the design can be placed on the fabric and stitched using hands. For beginners, cotton material is recommended for this purpose.

Applique Quilt Patterns - Great Designs

Today you can get a variety of applique quilt patterns from different sources. Moreover, there are several websites dedicated for the purpose. Some of the common applique quilt patterns include those of animals, birds, bugs, butterflies, bird houses, cars, Christmas, crosses, flowers, moon & sun, snowflakes, stars, teddy bears, and the like. Furthermore, there are many exclusive patterns available for baby quilts as well. These comprise of Baa Baa Bedtime pattern, Tick Tock Clocks pattern, Hoots pattern, Peek-A-Boo Crib Set pattern, Funny Babies pattern, My Alphabet pattern, etc. All these patterns could be purchased from various websites for reasonable prices.

Applique Quilting - More Facts

In the applique quilting method, small bits of fabric are sewn on to a large background. In other words, one fabric is layered upon another one. There are different possibilities available in stitching the appliqué design to the fabric. If you want to conceal the stitches, hem stitch or blind stitch could be used. For adding decorative touches to the design, you can try out buttonhole stitch. Anyhow, you can make use of different embroidery stitching options to bring out that perfect look. Before using any of the complicated stitches, it is advisable to stitch the appliqué design using hem stitch.

Written by Lucy King

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