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Architect Firms – Companies that Undertake Building Construction Services

Architectural firms take care of the design and construction aspects of a building, with the service of expert architects and support staff like general and sub contractors. Smaller firms include one or two architects, while bigger firms have hundreds or thousands or architects and support staff to undertake bigger projects.


Architect Firms - Companies Rendering Architectural Services

Typical architect firms render a range of services to the clients. This includes drawing ground up designs to creating plans for remodeling. They undertake projects like constructing homes to big industrial architectures like companies, and other big building. Most of these firms have an underlying mission statement indicating the kind of services they undertake. While architects are responsible for the fundamental design, look and feel of the architecture, the support staff employed to undertake each and every task, completed the project. These architect firms have their own areas of expertise, like renovations, house constructions. Good architect firms must be able to create effective communication between the architects and the support staff at every stage of construction.

Building Architect - Specific to a Construction Giant

A building architect is responsible for the construction and design of large to small buildings, depending on the project assigned. He or she mainly works for the company that owns the projects or buildings, and thus the architect is responsible for the further maintenance and renovations of the building. Typically, building architects work alone, unlike other architects who are employed by architectural studios. Sometimes they get to work with other architects for larger projects, and must have the ability to convey the interests and requirements of the employer to the others in the teams. These architects must be able to oversee the designs and construction of buildings, and prior experience is required to grab such opportunities.

Architect Fees - Experience and Expertise Pays

It is an obvious fact that the architect fees are paid according to the experience and expertise. In addition, the educational background and the license acquired matters too. While building architects get paid through the employer on monthly or project basis, self employed architects and those employed on certain projects through architect studios work on hourly rates or project based fees. In most cases, architect fees for residential projects are charges according to the complexity of the project, not forgetting that an expert or a well known architect charges a relatively higher amount as fees compared to someone new in the industry.Photo Source :

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