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Bar Interior – Creating an Appealing Ambience

For some people, a bar is just an additional decoration to fill a bare space in their home. Others, however, purposely invest money and ideas in building a home bar so they will have a place to entertain guests or blow off some steam after a long day of working.


Bar Interior - Things to Consider

The first thing to consider is the style that a homeowner wants for his or her bar. The bar interior can be a seedy establishment, an elegant lounge or a themed drinking area. It would also help to visit local pubs to get ideas. For people who are considering hiring a contractor, a rough draft and a wish list should be ready by the time the builders come for an estimate. Large items such as refrigeration and sinks should be installed before the contractor starts. Those who are planning to do the bar interior themselves should first address how to get every piece of the bar from the shop to the house. The armrests and bar foot rails are better purchased than homemade.

Bar Counters - Parts and Measures

Standard bar counters are about 18 to 24 inches in depth, with an addition of about 22 to 25 inches for the bartender’s space. Its standard height is between 42 to 45 inches. The footrest of bar stools is typically elevated seven to nine inches off the floor, while the stool itself is positioned six to eight inches away from the counter. The top of bar counters can be made of porcelain, ceramic or wood. Wooden countertops are the most preferred kind because of its simplicity and elegance. Polyurethane is commonly used to protect the wood surface, whether it is maple, oak or cherry.

Bar Interior Design - Other Accessories

Bar tops can be made more interesting with additional designs. Sculptors, especially those that make outdoor pieces, can bring a lot of bar top ideas to the table, including waves and other abstract patterns. Bar interior design should always factor in the kind of drinks that will be stored and served. Distilled spirits such as scotch will have the same taste regardless of age, unlike some wines. Beer and other liquors could also get spoiled after months and years of storage. Other things that can contribute to design ideas are beer refrigeration, cocktail mixers and an overhead stemware rack for glassware.

Written by Nelly Kendrick

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