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Barbie Doll House – Give a Home to Your Little Princesss Favorite Toy

Barbie dolls are very popular among little girls, and buying a doll house for barbie from the many varieties and designs available in the market can be quite significant. While there are barbie doll houses offered by the manufacturers of Barbie, you can consider buying sturdy wooden doll houses too.


Barbie Doll house - Furnished Homes

Assembled Barbie doll houses are available from the makers of the Barbie dolls. These doll houses are equipped with accessories that are fun to play with. Starting from chiming doorbell, lights, crackling fireplace to elevator, the doll houses come packed with exciting stuff that can provide endless hours of fun for children. The doll houses come in different models like Barbie Townhouse, Barbie Dream House and many more. But there are a few drawbacks with the Barbie doll houses - they are made of plastic and tend to break very easily. Hence, they are unsuitable for children who can be a little rough while playing with toys. Also, these doll houses are pretty expensive. Thus, it would be a good idea to look for sturdy wooden doll houses that come tastefully decorated.

Victorian doll houses - Elegant and Stylish

Victorian doll houses come with well-furnished rooms that speak of elegance and charm and would be a perfect choice for a Barbie doll. While doll houses equipped with furniture and interior decorations of your choice can be purchased, you can consider getting an empty doll house and buying miniature furniture and other accessories separately. The website woodvictoriandollhouse.com is a good place to browse for quality miniature furniture to decorate the Victorian doll house.

Wooden doll houses - Sturdy Homes

The best thing about wooden doll house is that it is solid and superior to plastic houses in terms of quality and value. Kid Kraft offers wooden houses just the right size for Barbie doll. It is available in delightful combination of colors. The website doll-house-miniature-club.com gives plenty of information on wooden doll houses and furnitures available for purchase. There are also doll house kits available for those interested in woodwork and assembling. Guides and plans are available to help you construct the doll house.

Written by Melanie Gray

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