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Basement Ceilings – Innovative and Constructive Ideas

Although the basement often seems like a dungeon, several decorative ceiling ideas have been made available to make it more like of a welcoming living space. These include the use of wooden, painted, or tray ceilings, and accentuating them with recessed lightings, ceiling fans, or decorative tiles.


Basement Ceilings - Popular Enhancement Techniques

The distinct look of most basement ceilings is generally achieved according to the materials used to construct it. Usually, the wooden or laminated planks are generally used by most homeowners since it comes in various prefinished stains and styles. Aside from that, the paint can also be utilized to camouflage several mismatched pieces at home. The other methods used to enhance basement ceilings are the use of tray ceilings and beams. The latter works best for high ceilings with pipes running around its edges, while the former generally suits much higher ceiling spaces. Here, wooden beams are usually added down the drywall ceiling to make it more attractive.

Basement Ceiling Options - Modish Accessories

Several basement ceiling options are available to make the place even more interesting. It usually includes the use of recessed lightings instead of globe lights to give the room its remodeled look and ambiance. Besides, recessed lighting fixtures tend to indent into the ceiling; hence, are not obstructive. Aside from that, the use of the other trendy basement ceiling options such as the ceiling fans and decorative ceiling tiles are excellent too. Ceiling fans enhance the basement’s air circulation, while the trendy ceiling tiles provide visual interest through its stylish materials which usually come in various styles and colors. Homeowners may employ these tiles to trim the ceiling border or install them all throughout the ceiling space.

Basement Ceiling Ideas - Styles

The use of murals and solar system designs are just some of the creative touches effectively applied to brighten up the basement’s top figure. Murals are basement ceiling ideas, which typically employ garden and beach scenes to enhance the room, while the solar system involves painting the ceiling with dark blue, adding planet or constellation décor pieces onto it, and then sticking decals all over the space-inspired ceiling. The other creative basement ceiling ideas are the use of stencils and sky-themed design. The latter begins by painting the ceiling with a neutral color and then stenciling on the desired design, while the former entails painting the ceiling with a sky-blue, tracing clouds of different shapes, and finally adding a sun image in the corner.

Written by Troy Nelson

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