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Bathroom Faucet Repair – Ways to Mend Your Washroom Taps

Repairing a faucet in the bathroom requires a good amount of work and determination. Fortunately, there are also some modern taps that are designed for easy mending, so as to make the repairing works easy.


Bathroom Faucet Repair - Methods Briefly Explained

Leaky and constantly dripping taps in the bathroom needs proper maintenance and repairing. Leaks occur when the washers get corroded. When you shop for a faucet, measure precisely the faucet holes that have to be replaced. In order to do bathroom faucet repair, first, measure the rare access point of the faucet and turn off the water supply. In order to remove the faucet handle, gently pull it or use a handle puller to remove the tap. Then, using the shower socket wrench, remove the trim and stem assembly which assist in removing the washer from the tap. Then the washer, stem and trim can be greased for setting up the new faucet. Then slide each piece gently and tighten the nuts with a wrench. After completing the procedure, you can check for the leaks by turning the water supply on to confirm whether bathroom faucet repair has been done properly.

Replace Bathtub Faucet - Easy Installation

In order to replace bathtub faucet, first, remove the old faucet by removing the screw on them. For this, you have to use hex wenches for removing the hex screws by turning them clockwise to remove the screws. Then, measure the pipe length that protrudes from the wall. A new faucet having similar dimensions can be selected and change the bathtub faucet. In case of slip on faucet, slide new faucet into the pipe and rotate them until the spigot is right down. The hex screw can then be inserted at the bottom and then be tightened. In case of screw on faucet, wrap the layers of the thread with least two layers of Teflon tape and slide the faucet into the pipe. Tighten them by screwing clockwise; also, cover the jaws of the water pump pliers with a tape. The spigot can then be gripped with the pliers. The spigot can also be turned further till the spigot faces downwards. By following this procedure, you can replace bathtub faucet easily and quickly.

Bathtub Faucet Repair - Tips and Tricks

Prior to repairing the bathtub faucet, you have to understand the two types of faucets that are used in the bathtub. Preliminary model uses washers, which are tightened against the seat, to control the flow of water. Contemporary ones, however, have a cartridge for controlling the water flow. For repairing the older models, you need to replace the washers, and for repairing the new models, cartridge have to be replaced. The first step in bathtub faucet repair is to remove the handles of the faucet by removing the cap, which exposes the handle screws. The handles can be removed manually or by using channel lock pliers behind the handle near the valve. Then you have to reach the stem portion. Again, they are many configurations. One of the standard configurations is using threaded plastic tubes to connect the sleeve of the trim to the valve. Then the valve stem is removed tactically for replacing the washers or cartridge. You should also check the seats for leak which can be removed with the help of seat wrenches. An exception is delta style valves which have balls instead of cartridge, but it is not commonly seen in bath tub.

Written by Dennis Patterson

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