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Bathroom Sconces – Great Choice For Modern Washroom Lighting

With the diversity of decorative fixtures to illuminate the bathroom and transform its looks, bathroom sconces score well in adequately lighting the bathroom space and being a trendy bathroom décor in accentuating the ambience and theme of the bathrooms.


Bathroom Sconces - Ideal Bathroom Makeovers

Bathroom sconces are cosmetic lighting fixtures for modern bathroom lighting inspired by the medieval lighting concepts. They are wall mounted (can be mounted on plastic, wood, stone, brick or tile) and are available in brass, chrome, ceramic, metal, porcelain, wood and more. Brass and chrome sconces give a vintage touch to the bathrooms, wherein the metallic and wooden makes modernize them. Ceramic and porcelain sconces provide a traditional flavor.The light bulb in the sconce is placed in a bowl like design or frame to direct the light upwards and to conceal the light source. Some bathroom sconces are bidirectional, and can be turned upside down to brighten a specific area. Multi-bulb sconces are ideal for mirror tops. Placing them on the sides of the mirrors approve of maximum lighting without shadows; a perfect arrangement for makeup, shaving or brushing. With the additional light reflected by the mirror, the bathroom gets brightened.The popular bathroom sconce styles are tiffany, rustic, antique, plug-in, contemporary, early American and Victorian styles. Victorian sconces set the right tone for a relaxed shower or a reposeful soak in the tub, with properly subdued light. Try enclosed sconces at showering stalls, to protect the light source from water particles and moisture. Some sconces have automatic lighting operations that use sensors, and some have switches with dimming arrangements.

Tiffany Sconce - Luxury renamed

Tiffany sconces are unsurpassed stained glass masterpieces and a perfect blend of beauty, craftsmanship, elegance and luxury. Taking up less wall space, tiffany sconces effectively light up your bathrooms and are of much demand, making them quite expensive and scarce. These pricey fixtures can be great antiques, if well preserved. They are made by Louis Comfort Tiffany Studios of New York and the genuine tiffany sconces can be identified by the L.C.T Co tag stamped onto them.

Rustic Sconces - Homey Fittings

Rustic sconces are elegant and set a cozy and peaceful theme with their earthly accents and shades. They take various shapes for that agrestic look, and provide elegance once switched on, even with their rough appearances. They are usually made of natural materials like wrought iron, silver, aluminium, bronze and wood and  can be used with bulbs or candles. Those with silver finish provide a vintage look, and the wrought iron bathroom sconces blend well with anything. Use rustic sconces in pairs or trios for a balanced look and see the aura they bring about.Photo source: flickr.com/see-through-the-eye-of-g/

Written by Simon Harris

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