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Bathroom Shower Designs – Voguish Patterns that are Functional and Aesthetic

Quite a number of shower systems have now become accessible to the market in order to not merely limit the showering experience from a functional sense, but expand it to a more convenient and aesthetic feel.

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Bathroom Shower Designs - Most Common Stylish Options

Corner showers are just some of the popular bathroom shower designs that can be incorporated to improve the appeal of the shower room at home. It is an efficient option particularly for small area bathrooms that takes advantage of its unused space through its angled design. The other widely held bathroom shower designs are the steam showers and custom luxury showers. The latter used to be commonly present in health clubs as well as spa centers but now have started gaining popularity in residential areas to give homes relaxing effect during shower. The former, on the other hand, is a mix-and-match of several shower amenities such as adjustable body sprays, massaging showerheads, rain bars, seats, mirrors and shaving ledges.

Bathroom Shower Tiles - Designing Tips and Guidelines

Several bathroom shower tiles can be used in order to make bathrooms more convenient at the same time interesting. To be specific, shower floors may be improved by installing small mosaic tiles with rough texture to allow good underfoot grip, or stone pebble tiles for an organic style that gives a more relaxing underfoot effect through its natural texture. In the case of choice of color and size, it is recommended that a single tile size will be used to give the area regularity at the same time hide any possible imperfections that could have obtained during installation. To generate a visually enthusing finish, these bathroom shower tiles need not be laid in an even and straight pattern, rather installed in a brick-work style or diagonal pattern.

Bathroom Shower Ideas - For Embellishment

One of the effective bathroom shower ideas that can be employed at home is the use of different accent strips so that the shower room can be jazzed up. This can be accomplished by running an eye-level band of several colorful tiles and listello strips to create an interesting line around the area or placing larger insert accent pieces as a focal point arouond a group of smaller tiles. The other popular bathroom shower ideas that may be incorporated to embellish the room is through the use of inserts that is similar to the metallic color of the faucet trim so that a harmonious effect can be obtained. In terms of bolder designs, checkerboard tiling patterns may be opted.

Written by Simon Harris

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