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Bathroom Tile Design – Adorning the Floors and Walls in Beautiful Colors and Patterns

Modern bathrooms commonly include in their spaces different tiling designs that help improve the ambiance and appeal of their bathroom areas. Some of their notable picks include the glass, vintage, heated and bordered tile floors. Dramatic impressions are then enhanced by the aesthetic manipulation of its shades.


Bathroom Tile Design - Most Popular Tiling Ideas

The glass tile is a bathroom tile design that generally offers an impressive sense of depth through its translucent characteristic. It is ideal especially for small bathroom areas since glass tiles improve its depth thereby providing it with a much larger sense of space. Another excellent bathroom tile design is the vintage tile which is basically remarkable for the interesting visual flair it offers to the entire bathroom. The olden styles are typically engraved with intricate patterns of printed images or embossed design details. Besides, vintage designs usually come in bold and vibrant shades, which make it even more enhancing to the room.

Bathroom Floor Tiles - Other Tiling Options

Aside from the aforementioned tile designs, the other remarkable bathroom floor tiles to incorporate at home are the heated tile floors, which generally help provide spaces show a more luxurious touch through the warm ambiance it gives to the area. This tiling option normally involves installing a thin layer of heat-conducting wires beneath the floor, which then heats up the floor. Aside from that, border tiles are some of the other trendy bathroom floor tiles that can also be tried so as to add another accent feature to the plain bathroom walls. Tile borders generally come in lengthy strips, which are installed in vertical or horizontal lines around the bathroom corners in order to create a complementary tile edging.

Bathroom Tile Ideas - Color Pattern Tips

The use of neutral shades such as khaki, tan, brown, cream and white is just one of the many bathroom tile ideas that can be employed to enhance the bathroom area through artistic color patterns. Usually, the shades of brown and grey are ideal for vintage homes as well as farm houses especially when paired with granite materials that add to the antique ambiance. Bright and bold tile colors, on the other hand, work best in small bathrooms since the vibrant shades tend to expand the space thereby making the area feel bigger. Moreover, the other popular bathroom tile ideas include the use of classical black and white color combo that generally gives the space its dramatic impression.

Written by Melanie Gray

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