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Benefits of Pineapple – The Exceptional Qualities for Health

Pineapple is considered to be a fruit possessing many exceptional qualities for the healthy functioning of your body. Benefits of pineapple are numerous and the fruit is better consumed as is or as fresh juice. Canning or bottling reduces the amount of nutrients considerably.


Benefits of Pineapple - Repository of Vitamin C

Pineapple is a storehouse of vitamin C. This vitamin is necessary for the human body to perform and condition many of its functions. Benefits of pineapple are significant in oral health since vitamin C brings down risk of periodontal disease and gingivitis. It also helps to improve your ability to fight bacteria that invade as well as other toxins causing gum disease. Vitamin C is a body’s primary water soluble antioxidant against free radicals responsible for attacking and damaging normal cells. It therefore repairs damaged tissues and promotes healthy lymphatic system. Benefits of pineapple are also evident on healthy skin. Collagen is responsible for your skin’s elasticity. Absence of collagen makes skin wrinkle quickly and appear aged. The presence of vitamin C in the fruit synthesizes collagen and keeps your skin younger and firmer. Collagen also helps to manufacture cartilage and bone material.

Pineapple Health Benefits - Other Known Advantages

This nutrition packed member of the bromeliad family is high in Bromelain enzyme as well as Vitamin C. Pineapple health benefits are many and varied since the fruit is low in sodium, cholesterol and saturated fat and also is an excellent source of dietary fiber. Pineapples are excellent in improving your digestive and immune systems. Their anti inflammatory effects are great for sporting injuries and Bromelain aids digestion and also regulates the gland thereby helping goiter in a large way. Some of the other pineapple health benefits include its ability to treat dyspepsia, bronchitis (by removing bronchial tube inflammation), catarrh, high blood pressure and arthritis. Pineapple is recommended to be eaten between meals for facilitating digestion and leading to weight loss. Enzymes present in the fruit helps to improve circulation thereby improving condition of angina sufferers.

Pineapple Juice Benefits - For Healthy Functioning

Fresh pineapple juice is very nutritious since it contains many important minerals and vitamins like magnesium, potassium, manganese, vitamin B6, thiamine and lots of vitamin C. The fruit juice also has small traces of protein and calcium. While processed pineapple juice is also nutritious, it is always recommended to drink fresh juice since the processing procedure involves addition of sugar and synthetic preservatives. Pineapple juice benefits are numerous and begin with the presence of vitamin C that is essential for improving your body’s natural resistance to any disease. It also encourages cell growth and development along with tissue repair. Presence of potassium helps to maintain proper kidney functions and is also a natural electrolyte. Drinking pineapple juice helps to maintain healthy heart, nervous system, red blood cell metabolism, blood sugar regulation and overall well being.

Written by Jerry Fulton

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