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Best Coffee Maker – Have A Perfect Cup of Coffee at Home

Being more than just a warm beverage to excite the senses and satisfy the addictions of the steadfast fanatic, coffee can certainly be enjoyed alone or can stimulate the conversation among a group, having prepared in the best brewing coffee making machines.


Best Coffee Maker - Your Home Barista

With the diverse selection of top rated coffee maker brands like Braun, Bunn, Cuisinart, Jura, Krups, Russell Hobbs and more, a coffee fanatic would still look for the ones that brew to exude the scrumptious drops with maximum taste and flavor. Needless to say, coffee making machines like the drip coffee maker, the French press coffee maker and the traditional percolators are a few of the most convenient options in making the best coffee variations like Cappuccino, latte, mocha, expresso or even the conventional filter coffee.While each brand boasts of different features and perks, fixate in selecting the one based on your coffee making needs. Before thinking of buying the best coffee maker in the market, it is wise to realize what will be the best for you. A best coffee maker could mean the one with a solid design, that extracts the maximum aroma out of the essential coffee bean oils, that expeditiously brews the coffee in no time, and certainly, the best value for money. Best coffee makers ideally take not more than 3-4 minutes for coffee steeping. Of course the ones needing least maintenance and cleaning are more appealing.

Coffee Pot - The Percolator

Coffee pots come in the form of stainless steel, thermal, polycarbonate or glass carafes, where the whole coffee making process takes place. Glass coffee pots or the glass carafes provide a proper vision of the whole process letting you know how much coffee is being made, wherein thermals are great to keep the coffee warm for a bit longer. The coffee beans, which are shredded, or ground at the store, easily lose their aroma. Hence crushing them with a grinder to produce consistently even coffee particles and percolating them in the coffee pot would definitely bring forth a tastier decoction.

Filter Coffee Maker

Those not going to let off the taste of traditional coffee must have a filter coffee maker. They offer hassle free operation and the new additions come with programmable timers for brewing. Some even offer grinding options that let you enjoy the maximum freshness you get out of the freshly roasted coffee beans. Filter coffee machines like the French press need heating water separately and pouring it over the coffee grounds and filtering the beverage out in the carafe using a plunger. The drip coffee makers use the same method except that the coffee is extracted in drips, which is quite time consuming.Krups coffee makers are good for those craving for frothy cappuccinos to kicky expressos.Photo source: flickr.com / bonjourwill

Written by Lucy King

One Response to Best Coffee Maker – Have A Perfect Cup of Coffee at Home

  1. Kevin Sinnott said
    I authored The Art and Craft of Coffee and write for several blogs and was a member of the Specialty Coffee Association of America's technical standards committee. Your article is nicely written, but I must point out the actual parameters a coffee brewer needs to brew coffee that is both rich and not bitter. The water must be 200 degrees F, +- 5 degrees throughout the extraction. The contact time for drip grind is 4-6 minutes. Most consumer autodrip coffeemakers brew at substandard temperatures and take way too long, brewing coffee that is both weak and bitter at the same time. Additionally, many autodrip makers don't shower the grounds thoroughly. There is of course, room for dissent among coffee experts about different brewing methods, but if you're like the majority and looking to find a decent brewer in retail, that means autodrip and those the the numbers to seek out.

    Warm regards,
    Kevin Sinnott

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