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Best Kitchen Knives For Your Gourmet Cooking Needs

Kitchen knives are certainly among the most important cutlery in the kitchen. From general-purpose knives to specialized knives - there is a wide variety of kitchen knives in the market. Determining their utility before buying helps in making kitchen tasks much easier and enhances the cooking experience.


Best Kitchen Knives - Cook's Best Friend

A good knife goes a long way in making the cooking process easier. Whether you are a professional cook or a homemaker who enjoys adding variety to your cuisine, knives play an invaluable role in the kitchen. It is important to choose the best kitchen knives to suit your cooking needs.Before buying a kitchen knife, you need to think about many aspects, like durability, sharpness, comfort and cost. The need for specialist chef's knives may or may not arise in a regular kitchen. Based on your needs, you may opt for a utility knife which helps in carving, slicing and peeling. Other kitchen essential knives include the peeling knife which is generally used for round vegetables; paring knife which is used for slicing and paring fruits/vegetables; carving knife and a fork for carving; a chef's knife for dicing and a bread knife.As cost is a major factor in deciding which knives to buy, an economical option would be to invest in a knife set. If you would rather buy individual knives, you might find a huge difference between various brands. Some brands offering the best kitchen knives include J.A Henckels, Global, Shun, Kyocera and Victorinox among others. Although Global and Heckels are some of the more expensive brands, they are made up of a harder stainless steel which lasts much longer than ordinary knives, thus offering great value for money. These knives are a must-have in any kitchen that requires a great deal of cooking.

Best Chef Knives - Kitchen Experts' Choice

Chef knives are considered the most useful in the kitchen as they perform multiple functions. The best chef knives last forever and help in performing multiple cutting functions. Vegetables or meats, they cut almost anything with ease. They have a fine tip which is used for mincing, with the mid-section of the blade being moderately sharp to assist cutting. The back of the blade is quite strong with thick-edge to perform heavy duty tasks. Most chef knives have a blade which is between 8 and 10 inches long.Global, Henckel's, Wusthof, Kershaw and Sabatier are some of the brands that offer the best chef knives for your kitchen needs.

Ceramic Knife Review - Latest Trend

A ceramic knife review will point towards all its advantages. Lightweight and sharp, Ceramic knives are becoming increasingly popular compared to regular, stainless steel ones. They are also popular as they slice very well and don't rust or corrode like stainless steel knives. One major disadvantage of ceramic knives would be their fragility. A lot of care needs to be taken while handling this knife as opposed to a regular one. Kyocera, Silvermark and Shenzhen are some of the best ceramic knife brands.Photo Source : flickr.com/ene_ehrhardt/

Written by Simon Harris

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