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Best Waffle Maker – Lovely Dough Cakes Made at Ease

Waffles iron is a cooking device which has been used since ages for making scrumptious waffles. Old and traditional waffle irons were difficult to handle. But technology has come a long way and one can easily find trendy and easy to use waffle irons these days.


Best Waffle Maker - Tips to Choose the Best

Most traditional waffle makers were made of steel, aluminium, iron etc. But these were heavy and hence difficult to use as well as clean. Outdated waffle making containers were used to cook waffles on flame or stove unlike today’s contemporary and best waffle maker. These are also compact and hence require little storage space. One can choose waffle makers depending on the kind of waffles they wish to make. You can find models which make thin and crispy waffles and others which make thick and fluffy waffles. Some of the best waffle maker brands are Chef’s Choice, Gold Medal, Presto, Star, Wells, Calphalon, Euro Cuisine, Villa Ware, Hamilton Beach, Black and Decker, Cuisinart, Waring Pro, etc.

Iron Waffle Maker - Things to Know

Unlike traditional iron waffle containers, modern iron waffle makers are easy to use as they operate on electricity. These waffle makers possess non-stick coating, which prevents the waffle batter and oil from sticking to it, making it easy to clean after usage. Modern waffle makers are loaded with features like digital display, temperature regulation etc. making it user friendly. If you go as per the instruction and use it carefully, your waffle maker will last you for a long period of time. Cast iron waffle maker can be quite expensive and heavy but these can be used to make the best waffles as it keeps the aroma of waffles intact.

Rotating Waffle Maker - Benefits

Rotating waffle maker is most preferred as waffles get cooked properly in the same. In cast iron makers, the waffles might not cook uniformly which is one drawback of such waffle makers. Rotating devices possess two holders which can be used to flip over the heated part once one side of waffle is cooked. Brands like Waring Pro, Presto, Kitchenaid, etc. were few of the initial brands which came up with the concept of rotating waffle maker. You can buy these online or from consumer store in your locality. You can find the best ones in the price range of $30 to $100.

Written by Lucy King

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