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Bikram Yoga Poses – Steps Towards a Healthy Body and Mind

Bikram yoga is named after Bikram Choudury, who founded twenty-six poses in a heated room. Bikram yoga poses claim to be a scientific form of yoga, which helps people become more flexible and stronger at the same time.


Bikram Yoga Poses - An Overview on the Yoga Poses

Synthesized from traditional yoga techniques are the Bikram yoga poses, which began from the early 1970’s. The exercises are to be done for a number of minutes and performed everyday to achieve the best results. The different Bikram yoga poses (also known as asanas) strengthen not only the muscles but also the joints, ligaments, and the spine. Along with the 26 postures, there are also important breathing exercises, which help in disciplining, and calming the mind. The concept of this type of yoga is to perform two processes known as extension and compression while doing the poses, this promotes better circulation throughout the body and is thought to release toxins as well.

Bikram Hot Yoga - Benefits of Yoga and Heat

It is a common notion that a person has to be very flexible when doing yoga. However, Bikram hot yoga is more focused on core exercises, and strengthening of the body. Based on its theories, this type of yoga uses heat to an advantage; it is claimed to prevent the tearing of ligaments, tendons, joints, and muscles when doing the poses. Bikram hot yoga aides in helping people go deeper with their poses; exercises become safer, and easier because of the heat. The heat and humidity in the room or studio promotes sweating, thereby increasing the amount of toxins released by the body.

Bikram Yoga Classes - How Classes are Held

The studio where Bikram yoga classes are held, are preheated to about 105°F (40.6°C) and has a humidity of 40% . The last meal taken should be 2-3 hours before class, and adequate water must be taken throughout the day. Yoga classes involve a lot of sweating; light, and stretchable clothes should be worn. The classes for Bikram yoga are composed of a set of 26 postures, which are usually performed in an order; the exercises begin from a standing position, and progresses with more complex poses. Each of the poses are held for a specified number of time, and targets all parts of the body. Classes for Bikram yoga may last up to 90 minutes, and the amount of calories a person may burn per session ranges from 500 to 1300, depending on the intensity.

Written by Troy Nelson

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  1. samantha said
    Of the many fitness trends to take the world by storm, arguably one of the foremost has been ‘Bikram Yoga’ or ‘hot yoga’ as it came to be commonly known. Yoga guru Bikram Choudury, eponymously patented this practice of 26 yoga postures in a heated room, which now has the likes of Madonna, John McEnroe, Serena Williams, Brooke Shields, amongst others hooked onto it.

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