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Birthday Cake Decorating – Ideas for Icing and Topping

Icing and topping forms an indispensable part of birthday cake decoration. For birthday cake adorning accessories like knives, forks, spoons can be used effectively. Confectionary is also used for cake decorating for birthdays.


Birthday Cake Decorating - Explore the Possible Ideas

The most important part of a birthday celebration is probably the birthday cake. Therefore, before arranging a birthday party it is essential for a person to pay special attention to birthday cake decorating. A nicely decorated birthday cake can turn out to be the center of attraction in a birthday party. The ideas for decorating a birthday cake are aplenty and the design will also depend on the person whose birthday is going to be celebrated. For instance birthday cake decorating for a kid’s birthday would be different from that of a teen anger. A birthday cake should be properly baked and iced before it can be made ready for decorating. For decorating the cake perfectly it would be ideal to draw a design on a paper first. Items like nuts, raisins, cherries and hardened chocolate bits can be used for cake decorations on a birthday. Various types of creams can also be used for decorating birthday cakes. For a chocolate cake white and pink creams can be used for decoration. Similarly, for a vanilla flavor cake, chocolate cream can be used for decorations. Fondant icing is also used by some people for making designs like flowers, graphic shapes on the top of a cake. It can also be used to make names and digits on the cake’s surface.

Best Birthday Cakes - Let Creativity Flow

Birthdays are special for the people who celebrate the occasion and they should make sure that the birthday cake is made and decorated with care and creativity. The best birthday cakes are those that are made with careful planning and the best quality ingredients. Nowadays people are becoming more experimental in making birthday cakes. Gone are those days when the best birthday Cakes were made in oval or square shapes. Now, it is quite common to see birthday cakes made in the shape of a castle, cottage, animal or even butterfly. Depending on the age and mindset of the person whose birthday is being made, the birthday cakes can also be made to resemble cartoon characters or gadgets. A technology addicted teen would love a laptop shaped birthday cake, for example.

Birthday Cake Toppers - Ideas Galore

To enhance the appeal of a birthday cake it is often adorned with topers. The birthday cake toppers can comprise of human characters and animals made with edible materials. The cake can also have frosting and icing made with various materials. It is also a commonplace idea to use creatively shaped birthday candles on the top of birthday cakes. The candle can represent the age. If the happy birthday quotes are written on the top of a cake it can be written using stylish fonts. Some of the toppers can be non edible and they need to be removed when the cake is cut and distributed.

Written by Troy Nelson

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