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Build a Barn – Create Ideal Spaces to House Animals and Store Grains

When you build a barn from the scratch, you need construction plans and ideas to make it efficient. This gives you an opportunity to customize all possible options in the barn. The size and number of stalls is based on what you wish to accommodate in the barn.


Build a Barn - A Guide for Beginners

It is common advice that when you build a barn, especially for horses, build it as strong as possible. This is because horses are powerful animals and can knock down a wall or a stall door easily. You might want to construct a pole barn, a barn made of wood on a pole supported structure. The advantage of pole barn is that it can be built fast, are very cost-effective, can be customized to store equipment, keep livestock, make a shelter for animals, or simply as a garage or workshop. Wood is commonly used for constructing most types of barns, and metal can be used for the framework. You might want to invest on stall mats when you build a barn, because it makes the job of cleaning out the stall easier.

Barn Designs - Simple Ideas and Tips

When you need barn designs, drive around to other properties where you can get permission to view barns and get useful tips and ideas to get started. If you do not own pastures or have a small property, consider building a run-off behind the stalls. A simple layout of a barn will have stalls for animals, a feed area, and a tack room for keeping the tools and equipments. The standard stall size is 12’ X 12’ or 14’ X 14’. You can have an additional stall to store a small amount of hay and other materials. Choose a location where water does not stagnate during the rainy seasons, because it will breed insects and ultimately be unsuitable for keeping animals. Also choose to construct the barn in a location where it is protected from harsh winds and cold weather. Barn designs and ideas can be obtained from few websites dedicated for guiding people to design barns and stalls.

Barn Construction - Getting Started

When you are planning on barn construction, always keep the expansion potential in mind, and leave plenty of space around the barn. To build a pole barn, start with a raised base, use designs and illustrations to guide you to raise poles. Choose utility poles or rot resistant logs and install them in 5 foot deep holes. The length of the poles used is another critical factor - all the poles should be of equal length. Use horizontal beams at the top of the poles and use metal braces and connector plates to bolt the beams together. Choose self-supporting roof structures, to avoid the need for interior support posts. Make sure to take your construction plans to the local building department for approval and building permit before you begin construction.

Written by Katherine Murphy

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