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Build a Pergola – Shaded Sitting Areas to Beautify Your Outdoors

Pergolas are perfect resting places for your outdoors, where you can spend some quality time in the shade. You can try to build a pergola yourself as it is quite simple, or hire a contractor to help you build one.


Build A Pergola - Learn How To

The initial step before you build a pergola is to have a clear idea of where you want it to be, whether around the pool or garden, and how the finished product is going to look like. Having detailed structural plans help in such cases, and if you feel you're not fit for any architectural intricacies, hire a landscaping artist who'll do all the work for you for a pre-determined fee. There are so many pergola designs that you can choose from, whether pre-fabricated ones or your own ideas. A pergola can be as uncomplicated or as intricate as you want, from just covering a walkway or covering an entire pool site. Traditionally, pergolas were built during the Renaissance as a walkway cover or grapevine arbors. So you can imagine how beautiful your garden would look with a pergola in one corner, etc. When you build a pergola in your outdoors, remember to use materials that are suitable to the weather conditions of the region, fit your budget and also complement the exterior of your home.

DIY Pergola - Simple Techniques

If you want to build your own pergola, it is recommended that you study some quality DIY pergola plans before. There are two basic options while building a pergola. It can either be a standalone to decorate your garden or pool, or it be an extension of your house and is attached to the main structure. However, remember that you need to follow the local laws and codes before you build any structure. If you're building the pergola as an addition to your house, you can either have a common wall or connect it by beams. This technique is, however, a tad bit difficult, especially for amateurs. An individual pergola is easier, as you can easily purchase DIY pergola kits. These kits come with all the equipments, materials and instructions need to build a pergola.Furthermore, read up on the do's and don't before you start building and be very careful with sharp edges and instruments. And don't leave any holes in the ground that you dug for stakes unattended as it might be potentially dangerous to do so.

Pergola Construction - Beautiful Structures

The important thing about pergola construction is that it is not necessarily cottages and bungalows that have pergolas. Even city homes can have a pergola. Smart construction details and architectural planning are important in such a case. If budget is a constraint, read up on how to construct a pergola in different styles and spaces and then get your materials and hire a local handyman to help you. Pergolas don't just have to be of wood. If you're using wood, make sure to use cedar as it is the most durable. You can leave it to weather out or apply a sealer as per your needs. Spanish or Portuguse styled columns can be used in case of wooden posts and the roof can be tiled with colorful ceramic tiles or terracotta. If you like ornately carved wooden structures, hire a carpenter who can do the needful. Decorate the interior with plants, especially ivies or even grapevines, lanterns, quaint furniture that complements your pergola exterior design, etc.

Written by Melanie Gray

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