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Build a Rabbit Hutch – Protective Shelters for the Bunnies’ Dwelling

Most thriving rabbit pens offer not only a convenient shelter for bunnies, but protection as well from common destructive elements such as wind, rain, and predators. Also, the hutches come in various designs, and owners typically use wooden cages and wired hutches for their pets’ comfortable and secured dwelling.


Build a Rabbit Hutch - Elements to Consider in Building Cages

Rabbits tend to easily be hunted by large animals called predators. That’s why it is very essential that they’d be given a secure hiding place by enclosing the hutch on both ends, and be provided with exterior doors. Also, build a rabbit hutch that can be made dark to ensure convenient sleep, and be supplied with a concrete waterproof floor for their nesting. Moreover, adequate lighting and ventilation also has to be provided by attaching a fine wire mesh over the plywood wall holes.Aside from that, build a rabbit hutch with exercise space so that they can have a wide room for running, jumping, and playing, along with smooth concrete flooring. The bunnies’ nutritional needs also have to be consistently met by hanging up some water bottles inside their cage that is being refreshed daily, as well as using a bowl that is made from stainless steel for their food pellets.

Outdoor Rabbit Hutch - Basic Formation Principles and Guidelines

In building a good outdoor rabbit hutch, make sure that the cage is covered and is spacious enough for them to explore and freely move around. Protected ramps or little trap doors may also be provided for them to hop and travel on gradual levels of the structure.Furthermore, the outdoor rabbit hutch can be built on double or triple layers of deck which can be made from materials like timber woods. These cages are especially ideal for breeding rabbits to give proper seclusion. In addition to that, health and warm are the primary consideration in selecting comfortable beddings for the rabbits. Barn-dried or meadow hays, barley straws and wood shavings are just some of the ideal options. Finally, bunnies tend to be exceedingly territorial so shared cages can also incorporated in building their pens.

Rabbit Hutch Designs - Building Design Options

Although rabbit hutch designs generally come in various shapes and sizes, their structure aim to ultimately achieve one important thing- to give enough safety and security to the pet. That’s why the cages are usually made from wood and wire materials. Both are popular to be ideal in building hutches; however, each type has to be thoroughly deliberated by the owner so that the more suitable option can be selected. To be particular, wooden hutches are popular in giving protection among rabbits staying outdoors. Its floors can be made from concrete or wire materials. The concrete flooring is easier on the bunnies’ feet, while the wire flooring is easier to clean. Wire hutches, on the other hand, are more ideal for indoor hutches since they are easy to clean; and can readily be set up on shelves or tables, or hung from the ceilings or walls. This type tends to save more space, gives great ventilation to the rabbits, and may easily be moved around since they can be rested on wheeled stands.

Written by Katherine Murphy

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