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Bundt Cake Pan – Bake a Cake With a Hole

Bundt cakes are self-decorating cakes baked in bundt pans, believed to have originated from Bundkuchen, a type of ring-shaped cake. Available in various materials and designs, lovely designed cakes can be baked with these pans, without much effort.


Bundt Cake Pan for Great Cake Designs

Generally bundt cake pans are made of lightweight material that is ideal for baking cakes in a microwave oven. The pans come with a special non-stick coating ideal for this purpose. It is most common to find bundt cake pans made of aluminum, with fluted edges and a hole in the centre, giving the cake a very decorative appearance.Though these pans were invented back in the 1950s, initially they did not sell very well. But when a Tunnel of fudge cake baked in a bundt pan won a prize, it started gaining popularity, and the sales increased phenomenally.It is important to prepare the pan properly before baking a cake. It should be sprayed with vegetable oil and the excess oil must be drained off. Later, it can be dusted lightly with flour, and the pan is ready for baking.

Cake Baking Pans for Best results

A standard cake baking pan is the round-shaped 9 inch one while they also come in square, heart and even in the shapes of popular cartoon characters, making it possible to bake special cakes for birthdays, and other parties. These cake baking pans come in small sizes that are useful for making little cakes for tea, and in larger than standard size for baking special cakes. The Heritage brand bundt cake pan is based on the original Bundt Pan shape of 1950. It is made of durable double cast aluminum and the centre tube in the pan enables uniform baking. The bigger version that reach upto 18 inches can be used to make stacked cakes.

Baking Ware for Easy Baking

To complement cake pans, there are other baking ware available such as flour sifters, cooling and storage containers, mixing bowls and more, to make the entire baking process convenient and easy. Silicone bundt cake pans are another popular baking ware, and are popular as Silicones. It is known for its flexibility, non-sticky nature and good heat conducting properties, all of which are ideal for baking cakes. These silicone pans can even be folded and stored conveniently. Despite this, there have been complaints of uneven baking, browning, burnt plastic smell and other problems with silicone bundt cake pans.

Written by Melanie Gray

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