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Business Email Etiquette – Constructing Properly Formatted Messages

Concise text, minimal formatting, genteel salutation and complete signature are apt for business emails. All business emails should be given due attention with cordial greetings and quick response.


Business Email Etiquette - For Busy Corporate Settings

Clear cut messages, brief content, and purposeful subject matter are some of the important business email etiquettes that should be followed unfailingly. As business communication is aimed at busy individuals, one should deliver information using minimum possible words without skipping out on any vital points. All prime details should be included in the main body of the letter just after the introduction. If the email is urgent, indicate it in the subject line and mention the time period within which a reply is desired. In fact, quick response is critical in business email etiquette and one should try to respond to all business emails within 24 hours. In case of inability to respond to the mail, reply with a message highlighting that the issue will be addressed at the earliest.

Business Email Writing - Conventions

The subject line is very important in business email writing as it conveys the intention of the email and prevents it from getting mixed up with spam, junk and other trifling mails. Subject should be written concisely and the attention grabbing ones are apt for mass advertising and promotion mailers. Written text should be formatted with care avoiding large fonts. Use of features like bold, italics, highlighting, underline, and colors should be minimum. Writing the whole text in capital letters is considered rude and should be avoided. Write in an active voice and proofread to avoid grammar and punctuation mistakes. Business email writing should include checks at the end to ensure that the email address and attachments are correct, also avoid lengthy attachments.

Email Etiquette at Work

Always open the letter with a cordial greeting like hi, hello, or dear along with recipient’s full or last name. One can use the first name also in case the recipient is well known. Appropriate salutation is Mr, Mrs, or Miss and generally a salutation like Miss is perfect for a female recipient whose marital status is not known. Email etiquette at work entails using ‘dear sir or madam’ or ‘To Whom It May Concern’ when gender of the recipient is not known. Signature at the end should comprise of name, company details, contact number with a business disclaimer to avoid any legal trouble. Close the letter with a warm greeting like sincerely, faithfully, truly, regards, cordially, etc.

Written by Nelly Kendrick

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