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Bust Sculpture – Classic Representation of Human Figures

Busts and statues are largely placed in areas like parks, large stadiums, educational institutions and places of national heritage. Depending on the materials used for making a bust or statue an artist may need to use accessories like knife, driller, hammer etc.

Bust Sculpture - Remembering Heroes and Idols

Statues and sculptures are made for various purposes, the main reason being memorizing and paying homage to idols and heroes. A bust sculpture is distinguished from full figure statues by its build as it does not extend beyond the chest part. Such sculptures can be made from various types of metal and stones. In most cases a bust sculpture is made from bronze, granite, marble, rocks and even wax. The sculptures made from stones are often painted with glaze to give it a glossy and shiny look and protect from water and sun. Such carvings are made on both living and deceased personalities like eminent players, athletes, celebrities and national leaders. In some places these figurines are also made on animals particularly when it is meant for remembering animals who sacrificed their lives for greater causes.

Portrait Bust - Needs Skill and Perfection

In some instances various types of clay are used for human sculptures. For making a lifelike portrait bust an artist may need days of labour. This of course depends on the size of the bust and how big he wants to make the figurine. For making a bust an artist needs a supporting framework on which it will be made. This is normally called armature. This is mostly made of metal. The armature is heavy since it needs to support a solid mass. The shape and size of this framework depends on the complexity of the sculpture. Some artists make a small replica of the final portrait bust which is called Maquette. They make it so that they can model the final statue or bust the way they want. Facial details may not be perfectly visible in Maquette.

Bust Statue - Perfection Achieved with Toil

For making statues and busts the artists often use large portraits of the person whose bust is going to be made. Earlier the artists needed to use their creativity and skills to make bust statue resembling people but now they have the option of using technology to their advantage. Advanced 3d modelling applications commonly called as CAD tools can be used by artists who want 3 dimensional representation of a figure before making a bust. They can also use printouts to aid their work. To bring out facial features using the instruments an artist may need to spend days and it is the most painstaking part of the work.

Written by Katherine Murphy

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