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Butterfly Tattoos – Popular Female Body Art Designs

Butterfly tattoos are very fashionable body art design amongst the women who adorn them for their attractiveness and also for a symbolic meaning. However, men too are known to show preference for such tattoos.


Butterfly Tattoos - Popular with Men and Women

Butterfly tattoos are considered very trendy by women folk for their beauty, elegance and charm. They get attracted by the vibrant colors and elaborate designs. Men, too, get butterflies tattooed on their bodies for spiritual appeal, rebirth and enchantment of the soul. Men fancy butterfly tattoos for their symmetry, orderliness and even balance. People get these tattoos done on their lower back, ankles or hips. A variety of designs of tattoos are available for the people to choose from. Some of the more popular ones are butterfly heart, metamorphosis butterfly, butterfly iris, purple haze butterfly, butterfly swirl, butterfly ice, butter wisp tattoo design, color fly tattoo design, everlasting spirit and wings of the future.

Butterfly Tattoo Meaning - Symbolic of Free Spirit

A tattoo of butterfly design is symbolic of change. It represents the beauty of nature and the wonders and mysteries of life. Butterfly tattoo meaning can be best understood by the fact that just like the butterfly’s metamorphosis, a female’s life too changes from a girl to becoming a woman who is gifted to create a new life. A woman with a tattoo of a butterfly on her body is acknowledged as being a free spirit. It symbolizes transformation, love and elation. For some, butterfly tattoo meaning is beginning of a new and beautiful life leaving the ugliness and unhappiness behind just as the butterfly leaves its unattractive phase of caterpillar behind. Together with transition and freedom, these tattoos are also approved for its vivacious hues.

Tribal Butterfly Tattoos - Beautiful and Unique

Conventionally thought of as a standard preference of the males, tribal tattoos of the butterfly is now gaining popularity amongst the fairer sex too. Tribal butterfly tattoos are usually done across the spine, back of the neck and on the feet. Artists are making designs that are integration of tribal fashion and customary feminine style. A frequent place for this kind of tattoos in females is the small of the back. These tattoos are made with a central image of a butterfly and then adding tribal details on either side to highlight the butterfly. Tribal butterfly tattoos may represent a story of a person like getting over the death of a friend, surviving a malady or finding ultimate peace in life. A lot of consideration should go into choosing the design of the tattoo as it is very painful and expensive to get a tattoo removed.

Written by Melanie Gray

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