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Camping Stove Grill – Have a Great BBQ on the Go

While camping in the wild, having a camping grill gives you the option to savor your favorite grill recipes. As camping gets frequent among the adventure seekers, camping grills can be used for barbequeing even at campgrounds.


Camping Stove Grill - for Portable Barbequing

Camping stove grills are of various sizes and types, and depending on the camping activity, an appropriate one can be chosen. Being one of the most essential camping gears, camping stove grills can be portable or with multiple burners. For those camping trips with fewer members, a portable camp grill is apt. While camping in a larger group, buy those with multiple burners.Camping stove grills run on white gas, unleaded gas, charcoal, liquid fuel and propane gas. Those stoves running on white gas burn without any odor. They are clean and environment friendly, unlike the charcoal alternatives. Propane stoves can be easily ignited and operated, and are ideal to grill food evenly. Unleaded gas lasts longer than propane. Most of the portable camp grills use disposable propane gas cylinders or Coleman fuel canisters, and have extendable legs that hold them to the ground. Portable table top and fold n go grills can be backpacked and are of much demand.

Coleman Camp Stove - Best in the Industry

Coleman is the most popular name for their amazing range of camping gears with over hundred years of industrial experience. Coleman camp stoves run with gas and liquid fuel options, and multiple burners. They mostly use propane cylinders and Coleman fuel canisters. The two burner liquid fuel grill stove lasts for 7 hours with one fill and the three burner stoves last for 9 hours. However liquid fuel stoves need pumping and result in fuel spill.The most popular of the Coleman camp stoves is the 2 burner electronic ignition propane grill stove. This stove-grill combo starts at the push of a button. The chrome based cooking grates are easily cleanable. The grill gates are made of aluminum and are non stick. You can cook for one hour with a 16.4 ounce propane cylinder at the highest settings, and for 4 hours with the lowest setting. The burners are designed to remain lit even under extreme weather conditions. The grates are made of non rusty material.

Optimus Stove - Compact

Optimus is a Swedish brand, and set the standards in making compact, durable outdoor stoves. With over hundred years of industrial experience, Optimus provides a variety of light weight stoves like Optimus Crux, Optimus Svea, Optimus Hiker and Optimus Nova. Optimus Hiker is portable and perfect for camping trips. Optimus Svea has high performance even at high altitudes and is another favorite among campers and climbers. Optimus Crux has foldable burner heads. The Optimus Crux Weekend combines a 3 piece cooking system with Optimus Crux folding burner, a saucepan that converts to a lid, and a fry pan.

Written by Jerry Fulton

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  1. Larry said
    Coleman makes good stoves; however, the Century stoves are just as good.

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