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Candle Companies – Makers and Manufacturers of Beautiful Tapers

Candle making has been an age-old process, transforming itself from being the only source of light for centuries to becoming a symbol of enjoyment and relaxation all around. Candle makers manufacture candles in an array of shapes and sizes and multitude of scents.


Candle Companies - Superior Produce

Candles have been used for their aesthetic value long after the discovery of an electric power source. Candle companies thrive on the fact that candle lovers cannot help themselves when it comes to hoarding every nook and cranny of their homes with it. These come in various shapes, variety of colors and offer fragrances that can rival any perfume or deodorant. Manufacturers use raw materials like paraffin wax, palm, plant wax and the latest being soybean wax, to create these bio-degradable items. Candle companies make sure their products are 100% superior in the way that they burn longer and provide an aroma as specified by the manufacturer.

Candle Makers - Long History

Candle makers need only limited space to create these highly effective products. The same goes for the capital invested and in return they service a huge candle market. According to statistics this industry earns billions of dollars through annual sales. Candle making has come a long way from the age-old times where every household needed to have some amount of candles in the event of power failures. Now of course this might not have remained the main solution but the candle industry has continued to thrive, giving candle makers across the globe a chance to ply their trade worldwide.

Candle Manufacturers - Keeping the Light Burning

Some interesting candle facts through research prove that 8 out of 10 households currently use candles at least once to thrice a week. This shows that candle manufacturers have their work cut out for them. The main advantage on their side is that their products are desired by busy individuals who use them to create a relaxed atmosphere. In addition to these benefits they also suggest some fire safety guidelines for the safe use of candles so that candle lovers can enjoy the benefits of lighting these up without bringing about any untoward incidents.

Written by Nelly Kendrick

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