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Canopy Ideas – Make Fabulous and Functional Ceiling Coverings

Canopies are both ornamental and functional decors and coverings for various purposes, including weddings, parties, beach parties, etc. You can even use a canopy and drape it over your four poster bed, or attach it as a patio ceiling or other type of roof coverings.


Canopy Ideas - Finding the Perfect Covering

There is no limit to the canopy ideas that you can use practically for both utility and decorative purposes. Canopies can be used for both indoor and outdoor decoration. For instance, one of the most popular bedroom decors is using a canopied bed. Now it's little girls who love to have a themed princess canopy bed in their room. But you can take it a step further and add a touch of subtle romance to your own bedroom. If you like simple styles, just drape lace or linen on the sides of a four-poster bed. Organza and net can add a billowy mystic style if you like such things. For a bold look, hang a canopy crown over the center of your bed and secure drapes of silk, chiffon in bold colors and gold highlights. Interior decor books have a lot of useful canopy ideas if you're feeling a lack of inspiration. Outdoors and home exteriors can also use beautiful canopy designs. Beach side gatherings, parties, weddings or even formal dinner venues are good occasions to use canopies.

Wedding Canopy - Beautiful Wedding Decoration

Be it for an indoor wedding or an outdoor one, a wedding canopy vitalizes the entire decor. In fact you can customize the canopy to match the rest of the wedding decor, or center the entire theme around the bride and groom, the bride's veil or an heirloom, etc. You can build a framework of wrought iron, wooden planks and cover it with the fabric of choice. The wedding canopy can cover the entire ceiling or just the wedding alter. The best idea would be to cover the top and let the sides remain open. Use silk or tulle to drape the top, letting the fabric fall down in loose folds, but make sure they are securely tied, so that no one trips. Pink, cream and ivory silks work really well. Style it by using alternately colored fabric, twisting them or securing them to the center of the ceiling and use a center piece like a beautiful chandelier or a ball of flowers. There is so much you can do with the canopy decoration. Indian weddings are immensely popular for the use of flower garlands and intricately designed wedding canopies, embellished with traditional designs, glass and mirror pieces, lights, etc. Remember not to overdo it though. And don't mix everything or it will simply overpower the beauty of the wedding.

Crib Canopy - Baby Cot Ideas

Used mostly in the past, a crib canopy is a lovely idea to bring an elegance and timeless beauty to your baby's room. Not only do they add protection from unwanted winds and insects, but also enhance the beauty of the room. Though modern day amenities have taken care of cold winds and draughts, the canopies are still used by many parents. The designs can be simple or ornate and can even be pretty expensive, so you need to fix your budget before hand. You can even try to make your own canopy, especially if you are a natural seamstress. Tulle is a good material to use, but you can also use simple cottons in beautiful kiddie designs. There are many design ideas and concepts on the internet. You can try and take inspiration from there. Canopies are beautiful and easy decorations that can be used in the way you want to enhance and style your home and outdoors.

Written by Dennis Patterson

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