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Cardamom Spice – Know More About the Queen of Spices

Because of the numerous health benefits of cardamom spice, it has become very popular in the medicinal world. The plant is native to India but have become prevalent across other countries such as China, Egypt, and even Rome.


Cardamom Spice - Most Common Health and Wellness Benefits

One of the known benefits of cardamom spice is its capacity to treat different kinds of digestive disorders such as bloating, heart burn, indigestion, and other stomach infections. The spice has also been found to be ideal in improving metabolism as well as in enhancing one’s appetite. Aside from that, the queen of spice is also considered to be excellent for kidneys since it helps promote urination, removal of accumulated urea, calcium and other toxins, and even in lowering the blood pressure. Besides, the cardamom spice has also been credited in treating several genital infections.

Cardamom Benefits - More Medicinal Contributions

The other widely held cardamom benefits generally concern oral health. Here, the spice is discovered to be helpful in fighting gum and tooth infections as well as in preventing the person from acquiring bad breath. In addition to that, the spice also has a kind of warming effect that can heat up human body thereby helping in the elimination of cough and even headache relief caused by severe cold. Furthermore, cardamom benefits also include the improvement of sexual health since it can be used in treating several sexual problems such as sexual weakness, erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, impotence, and premature ejaculation.

Cardamom Tea - Other Popular Functions

The cardamom tea is commonly prepared by crushing the spice’s seeds and then placing them in boiling water in order to release the oil that is mainly responsible for its aforementioned health benefits. Aside from acting as a digestive aid, the tea made from cardamom may also be used for detoxification since it could get rid of wastes that inhibit the body’s proper functioning. Moreover, the cardamom tea also contributes in congestion relief because of the camphor oil it contains. The other known benefits of the tea include the alleviation of halitosis symptoms as well as in relieving mild pain caused by premenstrual period.

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