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Careers in Food – The Lucrative Job Oppurtunities in the Food Industry

Aspirants for food industry jobs should have observation power, interests in technological and scientific developments in food industry, interest in nutritional and health aspects of food, good concentration power, willingness to conduct research, etc. They must also be good in undertaking responsibilities.

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Careers in Food - Minimum Qualifications of Candidate

A food technologist must be able to work individually and in a team. Those who seek careers in food must also have a good communication skill. Eligibility for getting admission in colleges for food industry is 10+2 with biology, chemistry and physics. Most colleges conduct entrance examinations for admitting students in food industry courses. You must evaluate your strength and weaknesses before selecting food industry for building up your career. It is because, right aptitude of candidate is essential for making successful careers in food industry. You must also evaluate opportunities and threats in this industry. The nature of work is also different in this industry. Food technologists must be willing to prepare raw materials, which include washing, cleaning, chopping, mixing, adding of preservatives, packaging, etc. You can also select courses in home science or food technology, etc.

Food Industry Jobs - Opportunities in the Market

Food industry is facing a dearth of trained professionals such as operators for cooking machine, meat packers, trimmers, bakers, fish cutters, food batch makers, etc. There are lots of food industry jobs opportunities in the field of making consumer food products such as biscuits, pastries, cakes, breads, pasta, corn flakes, alcohol beverages, beer, soft drinks, mineral water, cocoa products, cook products, etc. The industry also requires lots of professionals in analytical chemistry, biochemistry, organic chemistry, packaging technology, etc. Demand for toxicologists and bacteriologists are also numerous. You can also find suitable food industry jobs in companies such as restaurants, hospitals, food wholesalers, catering companies, etc. You can make improvements in your career if you have certificate in food science, applied nutrition, dietetics, food preservation, etc.

Food Employment - Roles and Duties

Responsibilities of professionals in food industry varies depend on their position and role. Improving nutritional value, flavour, yield, etc., of packaged items is the major responsibility of research scientists. Conservation, preservation and processing of food products are coming under food employment in packaged items. There are also employment opportunities for food technologists, engineers, organic chemists, analytical chemists, home economists, accountants and managers. Food industry is very broad so engineers are needed for designing, planning and improving food processing system. They should also be responsible for checking quality, storage, texture and flavour of food items. Food employment also include food related careers such as health or food journalist, restaurant managers, teachers, consultants, catering managers, marketing specialists in food industry, etc.

Written by Lucy King

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