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Catering Industry – The Ever Growing Trade of Food Service

The ever growing business of providing food on contract is a promising sector that has witnessed unprecedented growth in the last few decades. The catering industry is now branching into several new models of supplying food orders to clients are per their customized requirements.


Catering Industry - Trends in View of Globalization

The recent developments in the world markets due to faster connectivity have led to the globalization of most industries including the catering industry which now has transformed itself to meet the emerging challenges. One of the most significant impacts of the new business order is the demand for customized solutions to food requirements which implies the provisioning of a wider range of cuisines from all corners of the world at any ordered location. Some of the commonly tasked needs of this industry today are outdoor catering, off base catering, business meet food arrangements, foreign delegates servicing and on board servicing on planes and ships. The complexities involved in meeting the demands in the catering industry are also accompanied by higher margins and better growth potential.

Service Catering - Event Based Orders

Currently the sphere of service catering has the highest turnover from event based orders that require provisioning of the food stalls during meetings, seminars, functions, ceremonies and congregations. The basic philosophy in these services is to provide delicious, nutritious and hygienic food right at the venue of these events where the catering time is limited by the schedule of the programs at the event. The catering staff is also included in these services. The layout and decoration of the food stalls acquires great significance during such occasions and therefore also have to be planned for by the service provider. There are many global as well as local service catering organizations that are actively undertaking these commitments whose demand has been rising steadily over the years.

Catering Management - Essential Skills

There are certain skills which are essential as well as typical for the catering management staff to be able to provide their services to the satisfaction of the clients. The foremost skill that is required is correct etiquettes that must be ingrained into all staff engaged in this service. Apart from the preparation and layout of the food it is the mannerisms of the staff that leaves a lasting impression on the clients. Adhering to the time schedules provided by the customer is another important facet of this kind of management. Additionally there are many inherent unforeseen variables associated with this industry which demand high degree of innovativeness and flexibility on the part of the managers at the site of the catering.

Written by Melanie Gray

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