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Christina Aguilera Biography – Life of the Sensational American Singer

From being a member of the Mickey Mouse Club to popularizing the song “Reflection” in Walt Disney’s Mulan, Christina Aguilera’s eighteen-year career has taken her to different sides of show business. She is currently a judge on the talent show The Voice, apart from her many engagements.

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Christina Aguilera Biography - Personal Life

Christina Aguilera’s ancestry is a mix of Ecuadorian, Dutch, Welsh, Irish and German roots. She was born in New York but spent her teenage years in Pennsylvania, where she moved with her mother and sister after her parents’ divorce. As she slowly learned to expose her singing voice, talent shows became a big part of the Christina Aguilera biography, and eventually led to a stint on the show Star Search and the Mickey Mouse Club. Her career boomed in 1998 and alongside her ascent to fame, Christina underwent various image changes that divided the opinions of critics and audiences. She married Jordan Bratment in November 2005, a union that ended in divorce in late 2010. Aside from her son Max, she considers her charitable work aimed at combating AIDS and world hunger as the most significant aspect of the Christina Aguilera biography.

Christina Aguilera Fansite - Background

Aguilera’s success has spurred numerous unofficial websites created by fans. A Christina Aguilera fansite called opens includes the latest updates on the singer-actress, including videos, pictures and articles from other online sites. Aguileraworld also features such resources, as well as a chatbox for fans to share opinions and other information. Claiming to be the longest-running Christina Aguilera fansite is Xtina Web, which has been online since 2004. It has links to social networks Facebook and Twitter, and has an option for RSS subscription. It posts tweets from Aguilera herself, keeping fans posted by the minute. Followers of Aguilera in the U.K. can browse through various photos, videos and sites on CAUK, an unofficial U.K. website about the celebrity.

Christina Aguilera Perfume - Success

In 2004, Aguilera began her perfume line with the launch of two fragrances, one of which was named Xpose, in Europe. Simply Christina, released by Procter and Gamble in the United Kingdom in Christmas 2007, topped sales charts in the country and went on to become the fourth best-selling fragrance in the country in 2009. Inspire, the third Christina Aguilera perfume offering, came in a collection of body care products in 2008 and was marketed in almost all parts of the world except Australia and Africa. Her succeeding fragrances, By Day, By Night and Royal Desire, earned accolades from entities such as the FIFI Awards and German Glamour magazine.

Written by Nelly Kendrick

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