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Christmas Tree Ideas – Beautifully Decked Up Xmas Tress to Brighten Up Your Holidays

There are many Christmas tree ideas that add color and character to a common symbol of the season. They can be based on themes such as memorable experiences or tradition.

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Christmas Tree Ideas - Reflecting Wealth and Tradition

Decorating a Christmas tree is dependent on how big the tree is and where it is to be placed. For those to be placed at home, Christmas tree ideas may consist mainly of decorating them with tinsels, Christmas balls, series lights and certain personal ornaments that are unique to the occupants of the home such as personalized stockings. Those which adorn the home but are placed outdoors, are usually flooded with lights and everything else that glitters. Those which are meant for shopping malls are bedecked with ornaments, garlands and holiday lights. A shopping mall in Dubai even came up with Christmas tree ideas that reflected an ostentatious display of jewelry including pricey and designer watches.

Decorating a Christmas Tree - Starting Fresh

In decorating a Christmas tree, freshness in the tree must be of utmost consideration. To ensure this, the tree must be set in water immediately after being cut. It is also advisable to put in lights first, followed by garlands and ornaments. When putting in lights when decorating a Christmas tree, one should start at its base, working from the inside then to the outer branches. Placing ornaments near the trunk, instead of just concentrating on the tips of branches, draw attention and depth to the tree. One can start by putting in Christmas balls in a variety of colors. Other decorations can then be added.

Christmas Tree Designs - Invoking Creativity

Designing a Christmas tree to stand apart from others and thereby add character to it involves adding other ornaments. This can be influenced by a person's creativity and imagination. Christmas tree designs often follow a theme. It could be a favorite sport, hobby or interest or memories from childhood or from a memorable experience such as those of travel or camping. It may also be a theme based on color. Christmas trees can be adorned with bows, nosegays and other unique items such as beads, sparkles, velvet bows and satin ribbons. Interesting decorations may be delivered by cookie cutters, raffia, wooden toys and cranberry garlands.

Written by Nelly Kendrick

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