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Christopher Columbus Biography – Voyages of a Man Who Discovered America

Christopher Columbus was an explorer and navigator, who voyaged through the Atlantic Ocean reaching American islands, and initiating the establishment of Spanish colonization in Americas. With considerable knowledge on literature and being adept in several languages, Columbus has been an intelligent man of his time.

Christopher Columbus BiographyPHOTO BY CLAUS REBLER

Christopher Columbus Biography

Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy, in 1451. During his childhood, he took several sea trips to Northern Europe, Iceland and Aegean Sea. After reading “The Travels of Marco Polo”, Columbus became highly interested in travelling to Asia and finding western trade routes.Expressing his travel interests, Christopher Columbus approached King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain, who provided him with three ships, Pinta, Nina and Santa Maria, and agreed to make him the Viceroy of the newly discovered islands or mainlands, and share one-eighth of the commercial profits made in these places. He did four voyages with varying durations, expecting to reach India and China, and finding many unknown inhabited islands in the West and Caribbean.

Christopher Columbus Voyages - Unfolded Discoveries

Christopher Columbus voyages began in 1492, with a promise to the Spanish King and Queen that he will bring exotic spices, silk and gold from Asia.Upon landing in Bahamas, Columbus strongly believed that he had reached India, mistaking the Tainos tribes for Indians. He further explored Cuba and Hispaniola, meeting more indigenous Americans or Tainos, and returned to Spain, leaving behind 40 of his crew members in the fort of Navidad at Hispaniola.During his second voyage in 1493, Columbus visited many islands and landed in Puerto Rico. By then his men had killed as many as 125,000 Tainos in Hispaniola.During the third of Christopher Columbus voyages, which started in 1498 he became notorious for his horrendous treatment towards his crew and the island inhabitants, which reached the ears of the Spanish monarchs, resulting in his arrest in Spain. He was released later and set out his fourth voyage in 1502, exploring Central American islands.After his fourth voyage, Columbus tried to regain his governship in Hispaniola, which was rejected by King Ferdinand. Columbus died on May 20, 1506 in Spain.

Christopher Columbus Facts - Distinct

Here are some important Christopher Columbus facts.The exact date of birth of Christopher Columbus is still unknown.Columbus’ maps showed wrong routes, including placing Japan and China towards the West.After his first journey, Columbus brought parrots, some gold and native Indians or Tainos to Spain.He was made the Governor of the islands he discovered.Columbus grew religious during the last years of his life,Americans venerate him in many ways, including naming the state “District of Columbia” after him. Moreover, the Columbia University and hundreds of schools are named after him.Columbus Day is celebrated in the US on the second Monday of October.Photo source: Claus Rebler

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