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Cognitive Disorder – Problems Associated with Memory and Problem Solving

Cognitive disorder is a psychological problem that deteriorates one's ability to perceive, capacity to memorize and learn new things, etc. There are different kinds of this disorder and various means to deal with the same.


Cognitive Disorder - Possible Causes and Risk Factors

Some acquire cognitive disorder from birth itself. In such instances it becomes difficult to determine the exact cause of the same but it could be due to prenatal substance abuse and addictions, chromosomal abnormalities or hereditary factors, etc. Some others acquire it at a later stage of life. Few victims of the same are cancer patients. The effects of cancerous cells on the central nervous system can also lead to cognitive impairment. Those suffering from kidney related problems, certain infections, deficiencies, etc., also stand at the risk of developing the same. Any injury to the spinal cord or in the head can result in cognitive disorder. Prolonged usage of certain medications can also be held responsible for the occurrence of cognitive conditions.

Cognitive Symptoms - Know the Signs

Most instances of cognitive impairment are observed in elderly population. However, under above mentioned circumstances, it can affect young people as well. The hallmark symptom of this disease is the inability to recall things or memory loss. Few other common cognitive symptoms are inability to make decisions, planning things properly and exhibiting poor judgments. The sufferer might also display signs of aggression, impulsiveness and might become more irritable. Depression and anxiety are few of the renowned cognitive symptoms. A person might find it difficult to find his/her way back even in familiar localities. The degree of these symptoms might vary from person to person based on the severity of their condition.

Cognitive Treatment - Methods

There is no permanent cure for cognitive impairment as of yet. Most medicines prescribed by various health care professionals aim at abating the symptoms of the same. Medicines and drugs can help one recover from depression, forgetfulness and related symptoms. There are some therapies like cognitive behavioural therapy, which are quite effective for treating cognitive conditions. Apart from these cognitive treatment methods, it is also recommended to lead a healthy lifestyle. A healthy, low fat diet and some amount of physical activities, improve the efficiency of the brain. Omega-3 fatty acids supplements and certain herbs also keep the symptoms in control.

Written by Katherine Murphy

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