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Coldplay Biography – A Brief Account on the Successful English Alternative Rock Band

Formed by Jonny Buckland and Chris Martin during their student days at University College London, the alternative rock band Coldplay has come a long way since performing in small clubs. Today, they are now one of the most successful British rock bands, having won seven Grammys as of 2010.

Coldplay BiographyPHOTO BY KARL AXON

Coldplay Biography - The Story of a University Band’s Success

A Coldplay biography would usually start with the meeting of Jonny Buckland and Chris Martin during their freshmen days at University College London. The two quickly became friends and formed the band, Pectoralz, which they later named Starfish. Later on, Guy Berryman and Will Champion joined to complete the band. Soon, the band finally changed its name to Coldplay, the name it uses today. After releasing a few EPs, Coldplay released its first album, Parachutes. Any Coldplay biography would mark the release as a turning point in Coldplay’s career. The album was a great success and helped Coldplay make their mark in the world’s music industry.

Coldplay Singers - Centers of the Band’s Talent

Out of all Coldplay singers, Chris Martin, the group’s lead vocalist is the most well-known. Aside from being famed for being a talented singer with a soulful voice, he also plays the guitar and piano. Jonny Buckland, the other founding member is the group’s lead guitarist whose sparse musical arrangements has been praised for creating the unique sound Coldplay is known for. Meanwhile, the band’s bassist is the Scottish Guy Berryman. Despite his left-handedness, Berryman chooses to play the bass with his right. Percussions are provided by Will Champion, a talented musician who only learned to play the drums when he joined Coldplay. The Coldplay singers also consider their long-time manager, Phil Harvey as their unofficial fifth member.

Coldplay Hits - Memorable Chart-topping Hits

Coldplay has been noted for its soft rock style which has been described to be at times experimental and meditative. The band’s first album Parachute was its first commercial success. The well-received Parachute included famous Coldplay hits such as “Shiver and “Yellow.” In 2002, Coldplay released its second album, A Rush of Blood to the Head which contained the songs “Clocks” and “The Scientist.” After taking a break, Coldplay released X&Y with the singles “Speed of Sound” and “Fix You.” The album was also a success and hit number one both in the UK Album Chart and the US Billboard 200 Chart. Coldplay’s fourth album, Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends, was released in 2008 with the hit song “Viva la Vida.” The album won three Grammy Awards, including Best Rock Album in 2009. As of early 2011, Coldplay is currently working on its fifth album which they plan to release in the later in the same year.

Written by Lucy King

5 Responses to Coldplay Biography – A Brief Account on the Successful English Alternative Rock Band

  1. andres perez rodriguez said
    I´ m amazing, because they met at a universityand they made a band.
  2. yago said
    There are few singers in the group of coldplay?
    which instruments are used in the group of coldplay?
    are:guitar,electric bass,drums, vocals and other instruments.

    when the group was formed coldplay?
    formed in 1996

    where is the group of coldplay?
    is for the England.

    The group is famous coldplay?

    who is referred to in the Song VIVA LA VIDA''?
    a Napoleon.
  3. Aitana Sánchez 1ºG said
    1. Where they met the artists?
    They met at the University of London
    2. As the first album called?
    It was called parachutes.
    3. Who is the lead singer?
    Chris Martin.
    4. With which hand plays bass Guy Berryman?
    plays bass with his right hand, despite being left-handed.
    5. who is the fifth official member of the band?
    It's Phil Harvey
    6. As highlighted by the group?
    by soft-rock style
  4. Lesly Victoria said
    What is the name of the band?

    What was his first album?

    Who was the vocalist of the group?
    -Chris Martin

    Who was the creator of the group?
    -Jonny Buckland

    Who was the bottom of the band?
    -Guy berryman
  5. Raúl said
    -Who formed the band of coldplay?
    .The band was formed by Jonny Buckland and Chris Martin.

    -When and where did they meet for the first time?
    .Jonny Buckland met Chris Martin during their student days at University CollegeLondon.

    -What kind of music plays the band?
    .They play alternative rock.

    -Where are Coldplay from?
    .Coldplay is a British band.

    -How many Grammys have they won?
    .They’ve won seven Grammys until 2010.

    -Can you tell me some of the most famous songs of Coldplay?
    .For exemple: The scientist, Yellow, Fix you, Viva la vida…

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