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Colombia Tourism – Exploring the American Tourist Spot

Columbia tourism offers special attractions like Colombia Museum of Art, Riverbanks Zoo and Garden, Tunnelvision, St. Peter’s Catholic Church, and Congaree National Park. To know more about this great destination, plan a quick trip to Colombia.


Colombia Tourism - A Paradise for Travel Enthusiasts

Being the largest city in United States, Colombia is a major attraction for tourists from over the globe. Over the centuries the city has preserved its historical charm. The historical features form a major part of tourist attractions. The natural environment is however, the highlight of Colombia tourism. Blessed with flora and fauna and more than 50 natural areas, the city is a real delight for holidaymakers. Known for its lush countryside and fresh environment, the destination is a first choice for many travellers looking for some peace and serenity. Colombia tourism has seen marked growth over the years for all the above factors. For a family trip or a short weekend trip its an ideal destination.

Colombian Holidays - A Fruitful Experience

If you are waiting for some thrill, Colombian holidays fulfil all your wishes. The natural surroundings are an advantage to the tourists though adventure sports make your stay a fruitful experience. Travellers can participate in trekking, mountaineering, sailing, canoeing, diving and snorkelling. Other thrills include waterfall rappelling, caving, cliff climbing, rafting and zip lining. With all sorts of protection made available for adventure lovers by the government, Colombian holidays are sure to be a memorable experience. Others can enjoy visiting the natural parks or be a part of the rural tourism to get close to the Colombian nature. The place is also a major attraction for medical tourists for all the above factors and other features like a strong medical support.

Colombia Tourist - Attractions at a Glance

The destination is a common favourite among thousands of travellers who love the natural environment and relax in the freshness of its countryside. Colombia tourist attraction to visit when on a vacation here include places like Colombia Museum of Art, Riverbanks Zoo and Garden, Tunnelvision, St. Peter’s Catholic Church, and Congaree National Park. Another great attraction in the destination is bird watching. It’s a paradise for birdwatchers with different species of birds such as Gorgeted Puffleg, Chestnut-capped Piha and Antioquia Brush-Finch. Colombia tourist attraction also includes whale watching. Travel enthusiasts visit Nuqui, Gorgona National Natural Park and Bahia Solano in Colombia for such an activity.

Written by Melanie Gray

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