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Common Phobias – Anxiety Disorders that Affect Everyday Life

Phobia is a common mental health disorder where people fear of certain things, and it affects approximately ten percent of the entire adult population. There are many theories that explain the origin of phobias. Whatever be the reason, these conditions are curable with appropriate cognitive and behavioral treatments.


Common Phobias - List of Everyday Fears

Fear of objects can be anything ranging from living to non living things. Fear of objects can lead to symptoms like dizziness, nausea, or breathlessness or a combination of all the symptoms. In extreme cases, it can also lead to a panic attack that can also be costly. Some of the common phobias include arachnophobia or fear of spiders. Ochidiophobia, acrophobia, cynophobia, astraphobia, trypanophobia, social phobia, pteromerhanophobia, mysophobia etc. The list is endless as the number of objects to be feared. Phobias are also related with the apprehension of diseases like cancer, or even vomiting. Experts feel that these common phobias can be hereditary in nature.

Phobia Help - Methods of Dealing

When phobias do not cause considerable distress or disturbance in normal day to day life, there is no need to seek to phobia help. When you have a severe phobia like fear of crowds or fear of open places, then it is advisable to seek help. Phobia help assists people to overcome the difficulty by systematic desensitization therapy or exposure therapy. The patients are regularly exposed to their phobia, which brings a sense of control that the situation is rather unpleasant than evil. Other methods like participant modeling and self help are also immensely useful to overcome the fear. A huge number of online phobia resources are available to help you get out of the fear.

Driving Phobia - Tips to Overcome

Driving phobia is one of the common unbearable phobias that affect your everyday life. The individuals who fear to drive can be cured fully by following specific pleasure rules. When you fear to drive a car, listen to soothing music that calms down your excitation. Take along a driving partner with whom you can share your feelings while driving. Take a deep breath before starting to drive and throw your fears outside. Keep some eatables in the car to make your ride comfortable and filling. Remember that the fear can be overcome only little by little and not overnight.

Written by Lucy King

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