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Cookie Decorating Ideas – For Various Occasions

A fun way to spend holiday seasons is through cookie decorating activities. It lets family members and friends create cherished memories at the same time express creativity in a relaxing and enjoyable manner.


Cookie Decorating Ideas - Most Common Themes

One of the widely held cookie decorating ideas is the everyday cookies which is generally great for informal parties. It basically involves simple decorations such as the confectioner’s sugar sprinkles or food coloring blows. Another option is the holiday cookies where seasonally-appropriate designs are formed out of cookie cutters. Use of icing and other dust sprinkles are then used for a more aesthetic appeal. The other popular cookie decorating ideas are the children’s, and birthday cookies. The latter is primarily made for kids and may involve mixing egg yolks and different food colorings to let the children paint their cookies before baking them. The former, on the other hand, may entail a more complex decorative finish. Birthday boys enjoy game characters, arcade machine, and sports cookie shapes, while little girls would love fairy tales and garden designs.

Cookie Decorations - Embellishing Techniques

There are many cookie decorations that can be used to enhance freshly baked cookies. One of the most common decorating approaches is the use of royal icing which is basically made of white ice that tends to dry out to form a hardened finish. This technique is normally employed to pipe simple cookie patterns such as sugar-cookie snowflakes or gingerbread men. Aside from that, the butter cream icing cookie decorations can be a great option, too. It works well for cookies which are not inherently sweet since this icing is already very sugary. This technique tends to soften the cookie and may be applied with the use of the spreading knife.

Cookie Design - Other Decorative Options

Aside from the popular royal and butter icing ideas, the other alternatives that can help improve the cookie design are the use of water colours and candies. Water colour icing is recognized to be a delicate means to embellish cookies since the colors used for the decoration are pale. Usually, this kind is best used with traditionally white and maybe yellow-sugar cookies. Candy cookie designs, on the other hand, are the simplest way to enhance the cookies. Here, the cookies are rolled into a pan of candies or sugar prior to baking. Other people sprinkle these candy bits or colored sugar ingredients over the freshly iced cookies for added detail and texture.

Written by Troy Nelson

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