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Corsica Travel – Touring the Beautiful Island

Although it is officially included in the twenty-seven regions of France, the island of Corsica is influenced by both French and Italian cultures. Relying largely on tourism, Corsica takes great care of its mountains and Mediterranean coastlines to continue luring foreigners.


Corsica Travel - Things to Do

Recreation in Corsica is dominated by outdoor activities. Adventurers can explore the 1,599 kilometers of rambles across the island by hiking or strolling, passing by sites such as Chapelle San Bartolu, the spectacular Cascade a Piscia di L’onda, the hills of Monte San Anghjelu and the groves of Chemin De San’Polu. Water sports is a major element of Corsica travel, with thousands of divers, surfers and fishing enthusiasts flocking to the island’s protected coastline. Resorts in various regions of Corsica offer boating excursion packages and tours to different marinas and sheltered ports. Indoor Corsica travel activities involve handicraft, notably woodworking, pottery, knife making and travail du metal or metallurgy.

Visit Corsica - Accommodations

A Cheda, a hotel and restaurant on Bonifacio in Sud Corse is decorated with Mediterranean-style furnishings and its guest rooms are in view of its beautiful gardens. Its staff speaks English, French as well as Italian. Tourists who prefer to stay in a luxurious hotel when they visit Corsica can make reservations at A Piattatella in Monticello, which includes a beautiful pool, Jacuzzi and fitness facilities. Those looking for rental homes have plenty of alternatives, including A Cala Di Cupabia and A Casa Vecchia, all of which are fully furnished. Travelers who wish to visit Corsica to go camping have several campsite options in Region de Bastia and Centre Corse.

Corsica Tour - Events

Corsica is abundant in festivals and special events held every year. Foreigners planning a Corsica tour can catch cultural feasts such as the Calvi Jazz Festival and sports events like the Corsica Jet Tour and Raid Challenger. Fete du Marron, a fair in rural Evisa, in Ouest Corse, aims to promote chestnut products. Another country fair is A Fiera di a Petra, a two-day event featuring art pieces, sculptures and agro-foodstuffs. Tourists can watch a spectacle called de chjamie rispondi, or sung oratorio jousting, or participate in treasure hunts and music fests. In Grand Valinco, the Carnaval de Sartene displays a plethora of costumes derived from the town’s archives since the 1930s.

Written by Simon Harris

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