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Creative Writing Course – Polish Up Your Writing Skills

Creative writing differs from journalism and academic writing in that it deviates from the technical forms of literature. The ubiquity of outlets for creative writing has prompted schools and businesses, including online sites, to offer creative writing programs for aspiring writers.


Creative Writing Course - Secondary to Graduate School

Creative writing courses are offered as early as high school by some English departments. In college, most undergraduate programs offer creative writing as a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. There are also masteral and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in creative writing that are offered in several universities. A typical creative writing program specializes in fiction or poetry, engaging students initially in short stories or poems. They are also exposed to literary works, which are deconstructed as part of their education. In the fields of film and theater, screenwriting and playwriting are increasingly becoming part of the creative writing course. Budding creative writers usually look toschool-based publications as training grounds to apply what they learn from the academe.

Creative Writing Class - Formal and Informal

David Eggers, a film and literary writer, founded the nonprofit literacy organization 826 Valencia in San Francisco, California, to encourage children and young adults to write. 826 Valencia has different programs, including in-school classes in local high-needs schools in the city, free workshops in its headquarters, and field trips that sometimes involve a local author for a guest. More formal creative writing training is also offered in reputable universities. The University of Iowa started offering a creative writing class in 1897, the first ever offered at the university level. The creative writing program of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville is in the top three lists of Education Portal and Poets & Writers. New York University is also in the top 10 list of these rating groups when it comes to creative writing classes.

Creative Writing Lessons - Via Online

Writers on the Net was the first writing school online, providing creative writing lessons since 1995. Found on, its classes range from basic to advanced levels in groups or individually. The website of the British Council Arts Group lists several sites where people can enroll in creative writing programs, as well as web pages that publish students’ literary work. Universities around the world also offer online courses on creative writing. Some world renowned courses are offered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Utah State University and Open University in the U.K. Aspiring writers can also visit the sites of Writers’ Village University, The Writers Studio, and Gotham Writers’ Workshop.

Written by Lucy King

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