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Curtain Making – Do It Yourself Draperies for Doors and Windows

Making curtains for your home by self gives you the liberty to experiment with your choice of fabrics and designs. Those inclined towards stitching and sewing can begin with making curtains as it requires minimum skill and expertise.


Curtain Making - Important Tips for Beginners

There are few factors that all beginners must consider before curtain making like choice of fabrics, design ideas etc. You can look through various websites and home décor magazines to get clear ideas. Try to avoid fabrics with large designs or patterns as those might look overpowering in small rooms. Choose light coloured curtain fabrics while curtain making for small rooms to make the room look brighter and spacious. However, you can make and hang alternate contrasting dark and light coloured curtains for a balanced and interesting look on your windows. You will have to administer special care in choosing curtain fabrics that has to go with windows and doors facing the sun. This is because curtains hung in areas facing direct sunlight tends to fade over a period of time.

Curtain Sizes - Instructions and Guidelines

It is very essential to measure the doors and windows to determine the curtain sizes. Also decide if you wish to make window curtains measuring just about the size of your windows or full length till the floor. However, it is better to go for full length window drapes as these can be used for doors also. But when it comes to window curtains for kitchen, bathrooms etc., it is best to stick to curtain sizes same as that of the actual size of windows. To add grace and sophistication to your windows you can add valances to the same. The size of valances can vary depending on your choice of design and fabric.

Sewing Curtains - Tips

The first and foremost thing to do before sewing curtains is to wash and iron the fabrics properly. Beginners should stick to simple fabrics that can be handled with ease. Try to avoid silk and similar fabrics which can slip or get torn while stitching. Be very careful while measuring the curtains for the same windows or doors to stitch curtains of similar lengths. Execute care while sewing hem as it has to come in a straight line. You can use a scale and a pencil to draw a straight line at the bottom of the curtain to stitch a straight hem.

Written by Jerry Fulton

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