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Decorative Lighting – Stylish Illuminations to Brighten Up Your Spaces

Lights set the right ambience and the decorative varieties enhance appearance of adjoining spaces whether used inside the house or outdoors. It is really easy to choose ones that go with the style and furnishing of interiors as they are available in loads of designs, ranging from modern to traditional.


Decorative Lighting - Available for Numerous Settings

Lights give depth to compact spaces, add attention to small areas like bars or fireplaces and even illuminate outdoor spaces like gardens, lawns, and yards. There are many types of decorative lighting such as lamps, chandeliers, wall lights, suspended varieties, etc. The hanging styles in lighting are suspended lamps and pendant lights, which usually have a single bulb covered with a shade. The ubiquitous lamps are available in a number of designs, shapes, sizes, and styles from desk, table, hanging to the tall floor lamps. Shades facing either upwards or downwards affixed to walls are known as scones and give out mellow light that suits hallways and bedrooms. In open spaces outside the house decorative lightings used are: string lights, floodlights, spotlights, and lanterns.

Lighting Designs - Innumerable Styles

Designs used in lights should complement the surroundings and therefore are available in numerous styles from classic, vintage, to modern. Lighting designs come in a number of shapes and colors with etched as well as embossed patterns. Sleek and industrial looking lights like track lights, kinetic pieces, and cord lighting that can hide behind furnishing are for modern homes with some plush new age homes even installing art works illuminated with back lighting. Ornate lighting designs made from glass, metal or pewter are used in vintage homes with stylish opulent houses having rich silver or brass lights in the living rooms and halls.

Lighting Design Ideas

Any desired ambience, for either intimate moments or ceremonious and crowded merry making, can be created with the right lighting design ideas. For instance, chandeliers meant for grand interiors are made from brass, copper, gold, silver, or crystal while the feral antler styles are fitting for log cabins or country homes and most of them are used in foyers, living rooms and dining rooms. Wall lights can be affixed in either contemporary, modern, or traditional homes as they come in various styles like the sleek straight lines in steel and nickel or the ornate curvatures in glass or wrought iron. In modern homes, decorative ceiling lights are common and usually have dimmers that control their brightness.

Written by Lucy King

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