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Dennis Gabor Biography – The British-Hungarian Inventor of Holography

The holographic photography known today was invented by the British-Hungarian physicist Dennis Gabor. He received the Nobel Physics Prize in 1971 for his invention of the hologram.


Dennis Gaborbiography - Life of the Hologram Inventor

Dennis Gabor made a remarkable contribution to the world of Physics. There are thousands of publications especially those physicist’s magazines on Dennis Gaborbiography since he was one of the most important persons in the history of Physics. Dennis Gabor, the son of S. Berthold and Ady Gabor was born on June 5, 1990 in Budapest, Hungary. His father, being a businessman provided him with the education at the technical universities of Budapest and Berlin. He also received both his diploma and his doctorate in engineering from the Technische Hochschule in Charlottenburg, Germany. From the many publications on Dennis Gaborbiography, no one could have missed to mention that he was awarded various recognitions for his remarkable contributions to the development of technology through Physics.

Dennis Gaborhologram - 3D Image of a Picture

The theory of holography was developed through Dennis Gaborhologram, while he was working on developing the resolution of an electron microscope. This also paved the way to the creation of the three-dimensional imaging. The holographic recording consists of a seemingly random structure of diverse profile, intensity and density. A holograph is a reflection created by exposing film to the pattern of interference constructed when two laser light sources glow on an object. Dennis Gaborhologram can also make a three-dimensional image of a static object. Thanks to this invention, today the system of holography is also used in storing, retrieving, and processing information optically.

Dennis Gabor Award - the Recognitions

The Dennis Gabor Award, which was established in 1990, in honour of the man who made a name in the world of science and technology ,especially in Physics with his invention of the holograph, felicitates many great minds working in the field of wave front technology. This award is one of the most sought for in the field of Physics and is presented every year. The scientist himself has won many awards including the Fellow of the Royal Society 1956, Honorary Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences 1964, Young Medal and Prize 1967, Colombus Award of the International Institute for Communications 1967, Rumford Medal of the Royal Society 1968 and most importantly the Nobel Prize in Physics 1971.

Written by Jerry Fulton

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